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Harrison Birtwistle

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...agm... (1)
An Interrupted Endless Melody (1)
Angel Fighter (1)
Berceuse de Jeanne (1)
Bogenstrich (1)
Cantus lambeus (1)
Carmen Arcadiae Mechanicae Perpetuum (1)
Carmen Paschale (1)
Chorale from a Toy Shop (2016 version for strings) (1)
Chorale from a Toy Shop (2016 version for winds) (1)
Chorale from a Toy Shop (1)
Dance of the Metro-Gnome (1)
Duet for Eight Strings (1)
Duets for Storab (1)
Earth Dances (1)
Endless Parade (1)
Fantasia III (1)
Five Distances (2)
Frieze I (1)
Gawain's Journey (3)
Gawain (1)
Gigue Machine (1)
Harrison's Clocks (1)
Hector's Dawn (1)
Hoquetus Irvinius (1)
Hoquetus Petrus (1)
In Broken Images (1)
Lied for cello and piano (1)
Linoi (1)
Lullaby (2006) (2)
Melencolia I (1)
Meridian (2)
» I
Movement for String Quartet (1)
Nenia: The Death of Orpheus (2)
Night's Black Bird (1)
Oboe Quartet (1)
On the sheer threshold of the night (1)
Oockooing Bird (2)
Orpheus Elegies (9) (2)
Piano Trio (2)
Pulse Sampler (2)
Refrains and Choruses (1)
Responses. Sweet Disorder (1)
Ring a Dumb Carillon (1)
Ritual Fragment (3)
Sad Song (1)
Saraband: The King's Farewell (arr. Rob Keeley) (1)
Secret Theatre (2)
Settings (3) of Celan (1)
Settings (3) of Lorine Niedecker (1)
Settings (9) of Lorine Niedecker (2)
Silbury Air (1)
Songs by Myself (1)
The Cry of Anubis (1)
The Fields of Sorrow (1)
The Last Supper (1)
The Mask of Orpheus (2)
The Minotaur (2)
The Moth Requiem (1)
The Shadow of Night (1)
The Triumph of Time (2)
Theseus Game (1)
Tombeau: in memoriam Igor Stravinsky (1)
Tragoedia (1)
Variations from the Golden Mountain (2)
Verses for Ensembles (1)
Verses (2)
Violin Concerto (1)
Virelai (1)
White and Light (1)

Sir Harrison Birtwistle (born 15 July 1934) is a British composer.

Harrison Birtwistle was born in Accrington, a mill town in Lancashire some 20 miles north of Manchester. His interest in music was encouraged by his mother, who bought him a clarinet when he was seven, and arranged for him to have lessons with the local bandmaster. He became proficient enough to play in the local military-style band, and also played in the orchestra that accompanied Gilbert and Sullivan productions and the local choral society's performances of Messiah. Birtwistle composed from around this time, later describing his early pieces as "sub Vaughan Williams".

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