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Louis Vierne

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Allegretto, op.1 (1)
Arabesque (1)
Ave Maria, op.3 (1)
Carillon de Longpont (1)
Carillon de Westminster (4)
Cello Sonata in B minor, op.27 (3)
Communion, op.8 (1)
Eros, op.37 (1)
Impromptu (1)
Improvisations (3) (2)
L'Heure du Berger (1)
La ballade du desespere, op.61 (2)
Largo et Canzonetta, op.26 (1)
Le Glas, op.39 no.2 (3)
Les Angelus op.57 (2)
Les Roses Blanches de la Lune (1)
Lied (1)
Marche triomphale du centenaire de Napoleon I, op.46 (1)
Melodies (3), op.11 (1)
Messe basse, op.30 (1)
Messe basse pour les defunts, op.62 (1)
Messe solennelle in C sharp minor, op.16 (4)
Nocturnes (3), op.34 (3)
» no.3
Organ Symphonies no.1-6 (complete) (5)
Organ Symphony no.1 in D minor, op.14 (5)
Organ Symphony no.2 in E minor, op.20 (3)
» Choral
Organ Symphony no.3 in F sharp minor, op.28 (5)
» Adagio
» Finale
Organ Symphony no.4 in G minor, op.32 (5)
Organ Symphony no.5 in A minor, op.47 (2)
» Finale
Organ Symphony no.6 in B minor, op.59 (7)
» Finale
Piano Quintet in C minor, op.42 (7)
Pieces (2), op.7 (2)
Pieces (2) for viola and piano (4)
Pieces de fantaisie (3) (1)
Pieces de fantaisie (24): Suite no.1, op.51 (9)
Pieces de fantaisie (24): Suite no.2, op.53 (13)
Pieces de fantaisie (24): Suite no.3, op.54 (25)
Pieces de fantaisie (24): Suite no.4, op.55 (10)
Pieces en style libre (24), op.31 (11)
Poemes Grecs (4), op.60 (1)
Poemes de Baudelaire (5), op.45 (1)
Poemes de l'amour, op.48 (2)
Prelude funebre, op.4 (1)
Preludes (12) for piano, op.36 (4)
Psyche, op.33 (2)
Silhouettes d'enfants, op.43 (1)
Soirs etrangers, op.56 (1)
Spleens et detresses, op.38 (3)
Stances d'amour et de reve, op.29 (2)
Stele pour un enfant defunt (1)
String Quartet, op.12 (2)
Suite bourguignonne, op.17 (2)
Tantum ergo, op.2 (1)
Toccata in B flat minor (1)
Triptyque, op.58 (2)
Verset fugue sur 'In exitu Israel' (1)
Violin Sonata in G minor, op.23 (3)
Vocalise-Etude a Monsieur A.L. Hettich (1)

Louis Victor Jules Vierne (8 October 1870 – 2 June 1937) was a French organist and composer.

Vierne had an elegant, clean style of writing that respected form above all else. His harmonic language was romantically rich, but not as sentimental or theatrical as that of his early mentor César Franck. Like all of the great fin de siècle French organists, Vierne's music was very idiomatic for his chosen instrument and has inspired most of the great Parisian organist-composers who followed him.

His output for organ includes six organ symphonies, 24 Fantasy Pieces (which includes his famous Carillon de Westminster), and 24 Pieces in Free Style, among other works. There are also several chamber works (sonatas for violin and cello, a piano quintet and a string quartet for example), vocal and choral music, and a Symphony in A minor for orchestra.

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