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Mieczyslaw Weinberg

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Ballet Scenes (6), op.113 (1)
Can-Can (2)
Capriccio, op.11 (1)
Cello Concerto, op.43 (6)
Cello Sonata no.1, op.21 (4)
Cello Sonata no.2, op.63 (6)
Chamber Symphony no.1 for string orchestra, op.145 (2)
Chamber Symphony no.2 for string orchestra and timpani, op.147 (3)
Chamber Symphony no.3, op.151 (3)
Chamber Symphony no.4 for string orchestra and clarinet, op.153 (6)
Children's Notebook: Book 1, op.16 (4)
Children's Notebook: Book 2, op.19 (4)
Children's Notebook: Book 3, op.23 (4)
Children's Songs after I.L. Peretz, op.13 (2)
Clarinet Concerto, op.104 (2)
Clarinet Sonata, op.28 (4)
Concertino for cello and orchestra, op.43bis (3)
Concertino for violin and string orchestra, op.42 (4)
Congratulations (chamber version arr. Henry Koch, sung in German) (1)
Die Passagierin (The Passenger), op.97 (5)
Easy Pieces (17), op.34 (1946) (1)
Easy Pieces (21), op.34 (3)
Fantasia for cello and orchestra, op.52 (4)
Flute Concerto no.1, op.75 (5)
Flute Concerto no.2, op.148 (7)
Fugues (2) for Ludmila Berlinskaya (3)
Lullaby, op.1 (2)
Mazurkas (2), op.10 (2)
Miniatures (12) for flute and piano, op.29 (1)
Miniatures (12) for flute and string orchestra, op.29b (2)
Moldavian Rhapsody, op.47 no.3 (3)
Palms (3), op.120 (1)
Partita, op.54 (2)
Piano Quintet in F minor, op.18 (arr. for piano, strings and percussion) (1)
Piano Quintet in F minor, op.18 (orch. Mathias Baier) (1)
Piano Quintet in F minor, op.18 (6)
Piano Sonata, op.49bis (3)
Piano Sonata no.1, op.5 (3)
Piano Sonata no.2, op.8 (4)
Piano Sonata no.3, op.31 (3)
Piano Sonata no.4 in B minor, op.56 (7)
Piano Sonata no.5, op.58 (3)
Piano Sonata no.6, op.73 (3)
Piano Trio in A minor, op.24 (9)
Pieces (3) for violin and piano (1)
Pieces (3) (1)
Pieces (5) for flute and piano (1)
Pieces (12) for flute and orchestra, op.29b (1)
Polish Tunes, op.47 no.2 (1)
Preludes (24), op.100 (arr. Gidon Kremer for solo violin) (3)
Preludes (24), op.100 (3)
Requiem (1)
Rhapsody on Moldavian Themes, op.47 no.1 (4)
Rhapsody on Moldavian Themes, op.47 no.2 (1)
Rhapsody on Moldavian Themes, op.47 no.3 (2)
Serenade for orchestra, op.47 no.4 (1)
Sinfonietta no.1 in D minor, op.41 (1)
Sinfonietta no.2 in A minor, op.74 (2)
Sonata for bassoon solo, op.133 (1)
Sonata for solo cello no.1, op.72 (4)
Sonata for solo cello no.2, op.86 (2)
Sonata for solo cello no.3, op.106 (3)
Sonata for solo cello no.4, op.140 (2)
Sonata for solo double bass, op.108 (arr. for cello) (1)
Sonata for solo double bass, op.108 (3)
Sonata for solo violin no.1, op.82 (3)
Sonata for solo violin no.2, op.95 (4)
Sonata for solo violin no.3, op.126 (4)
Sonata for two violins, op.69 (4)
Sonatensatz II, WoO (1)
Sonatina, op.49 (3)
Sonatina in D major, op.46 (7)
Songs without Words (2) for violin and piano (2)
String Quartet no.1, op.2/141 (2)
String Quartet no.2, op.3/145 (2)
String Quartet no.3, op.14 (2)
String Quartet no.4, op.20 (1)
String Quartet no.5, op.27 (2)
String Quartet no.6 in E minor, op.35 (2)
String Quartet no.7, op.59 (3)
String Quartet no.8 in C minor, op.66 (2)
String Quartet no.9, op.80 (1)
String Quartet no.10, op.85 (1)
String Quartet no.11, op.89 (1)
String Quartet no.16, op.130 (1)
String Quartet no.17, op.146 (1)
String Quartets (17) (complete) (1)
String Trio, op.48 (6)
Suite for orchestra (1)
Symphony no.1, op.10 (2)
Symphony no.2, op.30 (2)
Symphony no.3 in B minor, op.45 (1)
Symphony no.4 in A minor, op.61 (1)
Symphony no.5 in F minor, op.76 (1)
Symphony no.6, op.79 (2)
Symphony no.7, op.81 (3)
Symphony no.8, op.83 'Polish Flowers' (1)
Symphony no.10 in A minor, op.98 (2)
Symphony no.12, op.114 'In memoriam Dmitri Shostakovich' (1)
Symphony no.13, op.115 (1)
Symphony no.14, op.117 (1)
Symphony no.16, op.131 (1)
Symphony no.17, op.137 'Memory' (1)
Symphony no.18, op.138 'War - there is no word more cruel' (1)
Symphony no.19, op.142 'Bright May' (1)
Symphony no.20, op.150 (1)
Symphony no.21, op.152 'Kaddish' (2)
Symphony no.22, op.154 (orch. Kirill Umansky) (1)
The Banners of Peace, op.143 (1)
The Golden Key Suite no.4, op.55d (2)
Trio for flute, viola and harp, op.127 (5)
Trumpet Concerto in B flat major, op.94 (8)
Vinni Pukh (Winnie the Pooh) Rhapsody (1)
Viola Sonata no.1, op.107 (1)
Viola Sonata no.2, op.123 (1)
Viola Sonata no.3, op.135 (2)
Viola Sonata no.4, op.136 (1)
Violin Concertino, op.42 (2)
Violin Concerto in G minor, op.67 (6)
Violin Sonata no.1, op.12 (4)
Violin Sonata no.2, op.15 (5)
Violin Sonata no.3, op.37 (4)
Violin Sonata no.4, op.39 (5)
Violin Sonata no.5, op.53 (8)
Violin Sonata no.6, op.136 (6)

Mieczysław Weinberg (also Moisey or Moishe Vainberg, Moisey Samuilovich Vaynberg; December 8, 1919 – February 26, 1996) was a Soviet composer of Polish-Jewish origin. From 1939 he lived in the Soviet Union and Russia and lost most of his family in the Holocaust.

He left a large body of work that included twenty-two symphonies and seventeen string quartets; according to one reviewer he ranked as "the third great Soviet composer, along with Prokofiev and Shostakovich".

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