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Gerald Finzi

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A Severn Rhapsody, op.3 (4)
A Young Man's Exhortation, op.14 (6)
All this Night, op.33 (2)
Anthems (3) for Choir and Organ, op.27 (12)
Bagatelles (5), op.23 (arr. Christian Alexander) (1)
Bagatelles (5), op.23 (12)
Before and after Summer, op.16 (4)
By Footpath and Stile, op.2 (4)
Cello Concerto, op.40 (9)
Clarinet Concerto, op.31 (11)
Dies natalis, op.8 (8)
Earth and Air and Rain, op.15 (6)
Eclogue, op.10 (arr. Howard Ferguson, adapt. Charles Matthews) (1)
Eclogue, op.10 (14)
Elegy (arr. Christian Alexander) (1)
Elegy (1)
Farewell to Arms, op.9 (2)
Five Bagatelles for Clarinet and Piano, op.23 (1)
For St Cecilia, op.30 (4)
God is gone up, op.27 no.2 (9)
Grand Fantasia and Toccata, op.38 (4)
In Years Defaced (1)
Interlude for oboe and piano, op.21 (1)
Interlude for oboe and string quartet, op.21 (2)
In terra pax, op.39 (1)
Intimations of Immortality, op.29 (4)
Intimat (1)
Introit in F major, op.6 (5)
I said to Love, op.19b (7)
Let us garlands bring, op.18 (12)
Let us now praise Famous Men, op.35 (3)
Lo, the full, final sacrifice, op.26 (13)
» Amen
Love's Labours Lost, op.28: 3 Soliloquies (6)
» no.3
Magnificat, op.36 (6)
New Year Music, op.7 (4)
Oh Fair to See, op.13b (5)
Only a man harrowing clods (1)
Partsongs (7), op.17 (10)
Prelude and Fugue for string trio, op.24 (1)
Prelude for String Orchestra, op.25 (arr. Christian Alexander) (1)
Prelude for String Orchestra, op.25 (arr. Simon Cox for brass septet) (1)
Prelude for String Orchestra, op.25 (8)
Requiem de Camera (3)
Romance for String Orchestra, op.11 (arr. Christian Alexander) (1)
Romance for String Orchestra, op.11 (arr. Simon Cox for brass septet) (1)
Romance for String Orchestra, op.11 (9)
Short Elegies (3), op.5 (2)
Since we loved, op.13 no.7 (2)
Sonnets (2), op.12 (2)
The Fall of the Leaf, op.20 (5)
The sigh (3)
Thou didst delight my eyes, op.32 (2)
Till Earth Outwears, op.19 (5)
To a Poet, op.13a (3)
Up to those bright and gladsome hills (1)
Violin Concerto (2)
White-flowering Days, op.37 (1)

Gerald Raphael Finzi (14 July 1901 Ė 27 September 1956) was a British composer. Finzi is best known as a song-writer, but also wrote in other genres. Large-scale compositions by Finzi include the cantata Dies natalis for solo voice and string orchestra, and his concertos for cello and clarinet.

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