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Saverio Mercadante

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Adagio grandioso for flute and piano (1)
Andante arioso for flute d'amore and piano (1)
Andante cantabile for flute and piano (1)
Arie variate (10) for solo flute (1)
Capricci (20) for flute (2)
Clarinet Concerto in B flat major, op.101 (2)
Concerto for two flutes in D major (1)
Didone abbandonata (2)
Don Chisciotte alle nozze di Gamaccio (1)
Duet no.6 for 2 flutes (1)
Elena da Feltre (1)
Flute Concerto in E minor (1)
Flute Concerto in F major (1)
Flute Concerto no.1 in E major, op.49 (3)
Flute Concerto no.2 in E minor, op.57 (3)
Flute Concerto no.4 in G major (2)
Flute Concerto no.5 in F major (1)
Flute Concerto no.6 in D major (3)
Francesca da Rimini (dramma per musica in two acts) (3)
Garibaldi (1)
I Briganti (The Brigands) (1)
Il Giuramento (2)
Il Sogno for soprano, flute and piano (1)
Introduzione, Largo, Tema con variazioni for flute and orchestra (1)
L'appel du chasseur (1)
La Smania for flute and piano (1)
Melodia for harp and piano (1)
Musica Sacra a Stile Operistico (1)
Omaggio a Bellini (1)
Pelagio (1)
Salve Maria (1)
Sinfonia on themes from Rossini's Stabat Mater (1)
Sinfonia sulla 2a caratteristica napoletana (1)
Theme and 7 Variations in E minor for flute and string trio (1)
Theme and Variations in A Major (1)
Trio in F major for flute, flauto d'amore and cello (1)
Variations (6) on an original theme in F major for flute and string trio (1)
Variations (7) on Mozart's 'La ci darem la mano' for flute and string trio (1)
Zaira (1)

Giuseppe Saverio Raffaele Mercadante (baptised 17 September 1795 – 17 December 1870) was an Italian composer, particularly of operas. While Mercadante may not have retained the international celebrity of Gaetano Donizetti or Gioachino Rossini beyond his own lifetime, he composed as impressive a number of works as either; and his development of operatic structures, melodic styles and orchestration contributed significantly to the foundations upon which Giuseppe Verdi built his dramatic technique.

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