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Elliott Carter

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90+ for piano (2)
A 6 Letter Letter for English Horn (1)
A mirror on which to dwell (1)
Asko Concerto (2)
A sunbeam's architecture (1)
Au Quai (1)
Bariolage (1)
Boston Concerto (1)
Canon (1)
Cello Concerto (2)
Cello Sonata (3)
Changes (3)
Clarinet Concerto (3)
Con Leggerezza Pensosa (2)
Dialogues II (2)
Dialogues (3)
Diversions (2) (2)
Double Concerto for harpsichord and piano with 2 chamber orchestras (1)
Double Trio (1)
Duettino (1)
Duo for Violin and Piano (2)
Elegy (2)
Enchanted Preludes, for flute and cello (1)
Enchanted Preludes (2)
Ensemble For Chorus of Men's Voices and Piano (1)
Epigrams (1)
Esprit rude, Esprit doux II (1)
Esprit rude, Esprit doux (2)
Etudes and a Fantasy (8) for wind quartet (1)
Fantasy on Purcell's 'Fantasia upon one note' (1)
Figment for cello alone (1)
Figment no.1 (3)
Figment no.2 'Remembering Mr Ives' (4)
Figment no.4 (5)
Figment no.5 for marimba (1)
Gra, for clarinet (3)
Gra (1)
Harvest Home For Mixed Chorus a Cappella (1)
Heart Not So Heavy As Mine For Mixed Four-Part Chorus (1)
Hiyoku (2)
Holiday Overture (3)
In Sleep, in Thunder (1)
Instances (2)
Intermittences (1)
Interventions (1)
Lauds (4) (7)
Let's Be Gay For Female Chorus and Two Pianos (1)
Luimen (2)
Mirror on Which to Dwell (1)
Mnemosyne (2)
Mosaic (1)
Musicans Wrestle Everywhere For Mixed Chorus a Cappella (1)
Night Fantasies (6)
Nine by five (1)
Oboe Concerto (1)
Oboe Quartet (2)
Of Challenge and of Love (1)
Penthode (1)
Piano Concerto (2)
Piano Sonata (8)
Pieces (8) for 4 Timpani (4)
Poems (3) of Robert Frost (3)
Retracing (2)
Retrouvailles (2)
Riconoscenza per Goffredo Petrassi (3)
Rigmarole (1)
Scrivo in vento (4)
Shard (2)
Soundings (1)
Steep Steps (2)
String Quartet no.1 (1)
String Quartet no.2 (2)
String Quartet no.3 (1)
String Quartet no.4 (1)
String Quartet no.5 (1)
String Trio (1)
Symphonia: Sum Fluxae Pretium Spei (1)
Symphony no.1 (1)
Syringa (1)
Tarantella For Men's Chorus and Piano four hands (1)
Tell Me Where is Fancy Bred? (1)
Tell me where is fancy bread (1)
Tempo e Tempi (1)
The Defense of Corinth For Speaker Men's Voices and Piano four hands (1)
The Minotaur (1)
Thoughts (2) about the piano (3)
Tintinnabulation (1)
To Music For Unaccompanied Mixed Chorus (1)
Tri-tribute (1)
Trije Glasbeniki (1)
Trilogy for oboe and harp (1)
Triple Duo (1)
Two Controversies and a Conversation (1)
Violin Concerto (1)
Voyage (1)
Warble for Lilac Time (1)
What Next?, opera in 1 act (1)
Woodwind Quintet (3)

Elliott Cook Carter, Jr. (December 11, 1908 November 5, 2012) was an American composer who was twice awarded the Pulitzer Prize. He studied with Nadia Boulanger in Paris in the 1930s, then returned to the United States. After an early neoclassical phase, his style shifted to an emphasis on atonality and rhythmic complexity. His compositions are known and performed throughout the world; they include orchestral, chamber music, solo instrumental, and vocal works.

He was extremely productive in his later years, publishing more than 40 works between the ages of 90 and 100, and over 20 more after he turned 100 in 2008. His last work, Epigrams for piano trio, was completed on August 13, 2012.

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