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Aaron Copland

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An Outdoor Overture (4)
Appalachian Spring: Suite (arr. for brass septet) (1)
Appalachian Spring: Suite (7)
Appalachian Spring (26)
» Finale
At the River (5)
Ballads (2) for Violin and Piano (1)
Billy the Kid: Ballet Suite (5)
Billy the Kid (11)
» Waltz
Canticle of Freedom (2)
Ceremonial Fanfare (1)
Clarinet Concerto (arr. Copland for clarinet and piano) (1)
Clarinet Concerto (21)
Clarinet Sonata (2)
Connotations (1)
Dance Panels (3)
Dance Symphony (3)
Dance of the adolescent (1)
Danzon Cubano (7)
Down a Country Lane (3)
Duo for flute and piano (6)
El Salon Mexico (arr. Bernstein) (1)
El Salon Mexico (arr. for Wind Band) (1)
El Salon Mexico (13)
Elegies for violin and viola (1)
Emblems (2)
Episode (2)
Fanfare for the Common Man (arr. Dan Dean) (1)
Fanfare for the Common Man (18)
Four Early Songs (2)
Grohg: ballet in one act (1)
Hear Ye! Hear Ye!: ballet in one act (1)
Heart we will forget him (2)
In Evening Air (1)
In the Beginning (9)
John Henry: A Railroad Ballad (1)
Lament (1)
Latin American Sketches (3) (5)
Letter from Home (2)
Lincoln Portrait (6)
Long time ago (2)
Midday thoughts (1)
Midsummer Nocturne (2)
Moods (3) (2)
Motets (3) (1)
Motets (4) (7)
Movement for string quartet (1)
Music for the Movies (1)
Music for the Theatre (3)
Night Thoughts (3)
Night (1)
Nocturne (version for clarinet and piano) (1)
Nonet for strings (3)
Old American Songs Set 1 (25)
Old American Songs Set 2 (9)
Orchestral Variations (arr. of Piano Variations) (1)
Outdoor Overture (1)
Passacaglia (trans. John Fesperman) (2)
Passacaglia (2)
Pastorale (3)
Piano Blues (4) (7)
» no.1
Piano Concerto (4)
Piano Fantasy (4)
Piano Quartet (1)
Piano Sonata (14)
Piano Variations (1930) (10)
Pieces (2) for String Quartet (3)
Pieces (2) for violin and piano (3)
Poeme (1)
Poems (8) of Emily Dickinson (6)
Poems (12) of Emily Dickinson (10)
Poet's song (1)
Preamble for a Solemn Occasion (2)
Preludes (24), op.28 (1)
Proclamation for piano (1)
Quiet City (arr. Donald Hunsberger) (1)
Quiet City (arr. for cor anglais and brass septet) (1)
Quiet City (14)
Rodeo (Four Dance Episodes) (29)
Rodeo (ballet) (5)
Saga of the Prairie 'Prairie Journal' (1)
Sentimental melody (2)
Sextet for clarinet, piano and string quartet (3)
Statements (1)
Sunday afternoon music (1)
Symphonic Ode (1)
Symphony for organ and orchestra (3)
Symphony no.1 (2)
Symphony no.2 'Short Symphony' (4)
Symphony no.3 (9)
The Cat and the Mouse: Scherzo humoristique (3)
The City (2)
The Red Pony: Suite (excerpts) (1)
The Red Pony: Suite (3)
The Tender Land Suite (5)
The Young Pioneers (1)
The little horses (2)
Variations on a Shaker Melody (1)
Violin Sonata (8)
Vitebsk: study on a Jewish theme for violin, cello and piano (6)
Vocalise for flute and piano (1)
Vocalise (1)
Zion's Walls (2)

Aaron Copland ( November 14, 1900 December 2, 1990) was an American composer, composition teacher, writer, and later in his career a conductor of his own and other American music. Instrumental in forging a distinctly American style of composition, in his later years he was often referred to as "the Dean of American Composers" and is best known to the public for the works he wrote in the 1930s and 1940s in a deliberately accessible style often referred to as Populist and which the composer labeled his "vernacular" style. Works in this vein include the ballets Appalachian Spring, Billy the Kid and Rodeo, his Fanfare for the Common Man and Third Symphony. The open, slowly changing harmonies of many of his works are archetypical of what many people consider to be the sound of American music, evoking the vast American landscape and pioneer spirit. In addition to his ballets and orchestral works, he produced music in many other genres including chamber music, vocal works, opera and film scores.

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