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Andre Jolivet

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Air de Bravoure (1)
Air pour bercer (1)
Air (1)
Alla rustica for flute and harp (2)
Arioso barocco for trumpet and organ (2)
Asceses (5)
» no.1
» no.5
Aubade (1)
Bassoon Concerto (2)
Cabrioles for flute and piano (4)
Cello Concerto no.2 (2)
Chansons (3) de Menestrel (1)
Chant d'oppression (1)
Chant de Linos (13)
Chant pour les piroguiers de l'Orenoque (1)
Chewing-gum (1)
Choral et Fugato for piano four hands (1)
Concertino for trumpet, string orchestra and piano (5)
Concerto for bassoon, string orchestra, harp and piano (3)
Contoversia, for oboe and harp (1)
Epithalame (5)
Fantaisie-Caprice for flute and piano (4)
Fantaisie-Impromptu (4)
Faux Rayon (1)
Flute Concerto no.1 (6)
Flute Sonata (5)
Grave et Gigue (1)
Harp Concerto (1)
Heptade for trumpet and 6 percussion (2)
Hopi Snake Dance (1)
Incantation 'Pour que l'image devienne symbole' (2)
Incantation pour flute seule (2)
Incantations (5) (5)
Jardins d'hiver (1)
Jeu du camp fou (1)
La Mule de Lord Bolingbroke (1)
Le Chant des regrets (1)
Les Trois Complaintes du soldat (2)
Mana (excerpts) (1)
Mana (2)
Meditation for clarinet and piano (1)
Melodies (4) sur des poesies anciennes (1)
Nocturne for cello and piano (1)
Ouverture en rondeau (1)
Pastorales de Noel (1943) for flute, bassoon and harp (3)
Patchinko for two pianos (1)
Petite Suite for flute, viola and harp (2)
Piano Concerto (2)
Pipeaubec for flute and percussion (1)
Poemes (3) for ondes Martenot and piano (1)
Poemes (3) galants (1)
Poemes intimes (2)
Poesies (2) de Francis Jammes (1)
Pour une communion sereine de l'etre avec le monde (1)
Priere des treize hommes dans la mine (1)
Rhapsody for 7 winds, strings and percussion (1)
Ritual Dances (5) for orchestra (1)
Romantiques (1)
Rondel 'Au retour de dure prison' (1)
Serenade, for oboe and piano (2)
Serenade pour Quintette a vent avec Hautbois principal (3)
Serenade (2)
Sonatine for flute and clarinet (1)
Sonatine for oboe and bassoon (2)
Suite en concert (Flute Concerto no.2) for flute and 4 percussionists (4)
Suite en concert for solo cello (2)
Suite liturgique (1)
Suite rhapsodique for solo violin (1)
Symphony no.1 (1)
Trumpet Concerto no.2 (2)
Une minute trente for flute and percussion (1)
Violin Sonata (1)

André Jolivet (8 August 1905 – 20 December 1974) was a French composer. Known for his devotion to French culture and musical thought, Jolivet draws on his interest in acoustics and atonality, as well as both ancient and modern musical influences, particularly on instruments used in ancient times. He composed in a wide variety of forms for many different types of ensembles.

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