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Mikhail Glinka

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A Farewell Waltz (1)
A Farewell to St Petersburg (8)
A Greeting to My Homeland (1)
A Life for the Tsar, op.4 (12)
Album Leaf (1)
Andalusian Dance 'Las Mollares' (1)
Andante Cantabile and Rondo in D minor (1)
Barcarolle in G major 'Ah, se to fossi meco Sulla barchetta bruna' (2)
Bolero (2)
Capriccio on Russian Themes (1)
Cherubic Hymn (2)
Cherubim Song (1)
Children's polka in B flat major (2)
Contredanse 'La couventine' (1)
Contredanse in G major (1)
Contredanses (5) (1)
Cotillon in B flat major (2)
Dance for oboe and cello with orchestra (1)
Dance for violin and orchestra (1)
Do not tempt me needlessly (arr. Mischa Maisky) (1)
Do not tempt me needlessly (5)
Doubt (2)
Dovunque il guardo giro (1)
Elegie (arr. for bassoon and piano) (1)
Elegie (1)
Farewell Waltz in G major (1)
Fire in my Veins (1)
French Quadrille (1)
Fugue in A minor (1)
Fugue in D major (1)
Fugue in E flat major (1)
Fugue in Three Voices (1)
Fugues (3) (1)
Galop Impromptu on the Barcarolle from Donizetti's 'L'elisir d'amore' (1)
Galopade for Piano in E flat major (2)
Grand Sextet in E flat major (1)
Grande Valse in G major (2)
How sweet it is to be with you (arr. Mischa Maisky) (1)
How sweet it is to be with you (2)
I am here, Inesilia (1)
I recall a wonderful moment (arr. Mischa Maisky) (1)
I recall a wonderful moment (2)
Ivan Susanin (A Life for the Tsar) (highlights) (1)
Ivan Susanin (A Life for the Tsar) (6)
» Valse
Jota aragonesa (1)
K Molli (For Molly) (1)
Kamarinskaya (arr. Balakirev for solo piano) (1)
Kamarinskaya (6)
Kyrie (1)
La Couventine, Contredanses (1)
Majestic Polonaise (1)
Mazurka in C major (1)
Mazurka in C minor (1)
Mazurka in E minor (arr. Safonov) (1)
Mazurkas (6) (2)
Moya harfa (My harp) (1)
Musical Essays (4) (1)
Ne govori, shto serzu bolno (Say not that it grieves the heart) (1)
Ne govori: Lyubov' proydyot (arr. Balakirev) (1)
Nocturne in E flat major (4)
Nocturne in F minor 'La Separation' (arr. Alexandra Luiceanu) (1)
Nocturne in F minor 'La Separation' (11)
Nouvelles Contredanses (5) (1)
Overture in D major (1)
Patriotic Song (1)
Polka in D minor (piano 4 hands) (2)
Polka in D minor (1)
Polonaise in E major (2)
Premiere Polka in B Flat Major (1)
Prince Kholmsky (2)
Quadrilles francaises (5) (2)
Reminiscence about Mazurka 'Sans illusions-adieu la vie!' (1)
Ruslan and Lyudmila, op.5 (highlights) (2)
Ruslan and Lyudmila, op.5 (43)
» Suite
Russian Songs (3) (arr. piano trio by Eduard Hermann) (1)
Russian Songs (3) (1)
Septet in E flat major (1)
Serenade on themes from Donizetti's Anna Bolena (1)
Somneniye (Doubt) (1)
Souvenir d'une Mazurka in B flat major (1)
Spanish Overture no.1 'Capriccio brillante on the Jota Aragonese' (7)
Spanish Overture no.2 'Souvenir d'une nuit d'ete' (5)
Symphony on two Russian Themes (1)
Tarantella in A minor (2)
Tell me, Maiden (arr. Vladimir Morkov) (1)
Tell me Why (2)
The Lark (arr. Mili Balakirev) (6)
The Lark (arr. Mili Balakirev, trans. Alexandra Luiceanu) (1)
The Lark (arr. Mischa Maisky) (1)
The Lark (9)
The Night Zephyr (1)
To Her (1)
To the Zither (1)
Trio pathetique in D minor (10)
Trot de cavalerie (2) (1)
Una vita per lo zar (A Life for the Tsar) (1)
Valse-Fantaisie in B minor (arr. Lyapunov) (1)
Valse-Fantaisie in B minor (trans. V Gryaznov for piano) (1)
Valse-Fantaisie in B minor (8)
Valse in B flat major 'La favorite' (2)
Valse in E flat major 'Melodique' (2)
Variations on Alyabyev's Song 'The Nightingale' in E minor (6)
Variations on a Original Theme in F major (3)
Variations on a Russian Folk Song 'In the Gentle Valley' in A minor (2)
Variations on a Scottish Theme (1)
Variations on a Theme from Mozart's opera 'Die Zauberflote' in E flat major (6)
Variations on a theme from Bellini's I Capuleti e i Montecchi (5)
Variations on a theme from Cherubini's opera 'Faniska' (2)
Variations on a theme from Mozart's 'Don Giovanni' (1)
Variations on the Romance Benedetta sia la madre (3)
Variations on the terzetto from the opera 'A Life for the Tsar' (1)
Variations on two themes from the ballet 'Chao-Kang' (2)
Variazioni brillanti on a theme from Donizetti's Anna Bolena (4)
Venetian night (2)
Viola Sonata in D minor (arr. clarinet and piano) (1)
Viola Sonata in D minor (8)
Violin Sonata in D minor (1)
V krovi gorit ogon zhelanya (The fire of longing burns in my heart) (1)
Waltz Fantasy (2)
Waltz in B flat major (1)
Waltz in E flat major (1)
Where is our rose? (1)

Mikhail Ivanovich Glinka (June 1 [O.S. May 20] 1804 – February 15 [O.S. February 3] 1857) was the first Russian composer to gain wide recognition within his own country, and is often regarded as the fountainhead of Russian classical music. Glinka's compositions were an important influence on future Russian composers, notably the members of The Five, who took Glinka's lead and produced a distinctive Russian style of music.

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