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Erich Wolfgang Korngold

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A Midsummer Night's Dream (1)
Abschiedslieder (4) (Songs of Farewell), op.14 (12)
Alt-Spanisch (2)
Angedenken (1)
Ausser (2)
Baby Serenade, op.24 (2)
Caprice fantastique (1)
Captain Blood (recon. J Morgan) (1)
Captain Blood: Overture (1)
Captain Blood: Suite (1)
Captain Blood (1)
Cello Concerto in C major, op.37 (9)
Cello Concerto in D major in 1 movement (1)
Das Wunder der Heliane, op.20 (11)
Deception (1)
Der Geniale (1)
Der Knabe und das Veilchen (1)
Der Ring des Polykrates, op.7 (1)
Der Schneemann (The Snowman) (10)
» Act 1
» Waltz
Der Sturm (1)
Der Vampir oder Die Gejagten (concert version by C Bauer and K Simon) (1)
Der innere Scharm (2)
Die Gansleber im Hause Duschnitz (3)
Die Kathrin, op.28 (3)
Die Stumme Serenade (1)
Die tote Stadt, op.12 (42)
Don Quixote - six character pieces after Cervantes (1)
Einfache Lieder (6), op.9 (11)
Escape Me Never (1)
Etwas ganz Personliches (1)
Gefasster Abschied (2)
Gluckwunsch (3)
Holzapfel und Schlehwein (1)
Kaiserin Zita-Hymne (1)
Kleine frohliche Walzer (4) (Four Little Cheerful Waltzes) (2)
Kleiner Wunsch (1)
Lieder (3), op.18 (3)
Lieder (3), op.22 (11)
Lieder (4), op.31 (4)
Lieder (5), op.38 (4)
Lieder (12) 'So Gott und Papa will' (2)
Little Caricatures (4), op.19 (2)
Marchenbilder (Fairy Tale Pictures), op.3 (7)
Military March in B flat major (1)
Mond, so gehst du wieder auf (2)
Morgen (Tomorrow), op.33 (2)
Much Ado About Nothing, op.11 (version for violin and piano) (6)
Much Ado About Nothing, op.11: Incidental music (5)
Much Ado About Nothing, op.11: Suite for violin (or cello) and piano (6)
Much Ado About Nothing, op.11: Suite piano (1)
Much Ado About Nothing, op.11: Suite (7)
Much Ado About Nothing, op.11 (4)
Nachts (2)
Osterreichischer Soldatenabschied (2)
Piano Concerto in C sharp major for the left hand, op.17 (4)
Piano Quintet in E major, op.15 (9)
Piano Sonata no.1 in D minor (3)
Piano Sonata no.2 in E major, op.2 (7)
Piano Sonata no.3 in C major, op.25 (3)
Piano Trio in D major, op.1 (13)
Prayer, op.32 (1)
Quinquaginta-Foxtrott (2)
Reiselied (1)
Ring of Polykrates (selection) (1)
Ring of Polykrates (1)
Schauspiel Overture, op.4 (5)
Sinfonietta in B major, op.5 (3)
Sonett fur Wien, op.41 (3)
Songs of the Clown, op.29 (5)
Sterbelied (1)
Straussiana (5)
String Quartet no.1 in A major, op.16 (3)
String Quartet no.2 in E flat major, op.26 (9)
String Quartet no.3 in D major, op.34 (6)
String Sextet in D major, op.10 (10)
Suite for 2 violins, cello and piano left hand, op.23 (9)
Sursum Corda, op.13 (3)
Symphonic Serenade in B flat major, op.39 (4)
Symphony in F sharp major, op.40 (7)
Tales of Strauss, op.21 (3)
Tanzchen im alten Stil (1)
The Adventures of Robin Hood: Suite (1)
The Adventures of Robin Hood (6)
» March
The Eternal, op.2 (2)
The Prince and the Pauper: Suite (1)
The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex: Suite (1)
The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex (1)
The Sea Hawk: Suite (arr. R Gamba) (1)
The Sea Hawk: Suite (3)
The Sea Hawk (4)
The Sea Wolf (1)
Theme and Variations, op.42 (3)
Unverganglichkeit, op.27 (10)
Vesper (1)
Violanta, op.8 (6)
Violin Concerto in D major, op.35 (31)
Violin Sonata in D major, op.6 (6)
Waltzes (4) for piano (2)
Walzer aus Wien (2)
Was Der Wald Erzahlt (What The Woods Tell Me) (1)

Erich Wolfgang Korngold (May 29, 1897 – November 29, 1957) was an American composer of Austro-Hungarian birth. While his late Romantic compositional style was considered well out of vogue at the time he died, his music has more recently undergone a reevaluation and a gradual reawakening of interest. Along with such composers as Max Steiner and Alfred Newman, he is considered one of the founders of film music. Korngold's 1938 Academy Award for his score to The Adventures of Robin Hood marked the first time an Oscar was awarded to the composer rather than the head of the studio music department (as had occurred, for example, with Korngold's award-winning score to Anthony Adverse in 1936).

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