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Alberto Ginastera

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Bomarzo, op.34: Suite (2)
Cancion al arbol del olvido (3)
Canciones (2), op.3 (2)
Canciones populares argentinas (5), op.10 (arr. for cello and piano) (1)
Canciones populares argentinas (5), op.10 (8)
Cantata para America magica , op.27 (1)
Cello Concerto no.1, op.36 (2)
Cello Concerto no.2, op.50 (2)
Cello Sonata, op.49 (4)
Concerto for Strings, op.33 (4)
Concierto argentino for piano and orchestra (1)
Creole Dance (1)
Danzas Argentinas (3), op.2 (arr. Vasilis Bessas) (1)
Danzas Argentinas (3), op.2 (27)
Danzas argentinas para los ninos (2) (1)
Danzas from Estancia (3), op.8b (3)
Duo for flute and oboe, op.13 (1)
Estancia, op.8 (8)
Estancia: Suite, op.8a (trans. CM Griguoli for 3 pianos) (1)
Estancia: Suite, op.8a (4)
Estudios sinfonicos, op.35 (1)
Glosses sobre temes de Pau Casals for orchestra, op.48 (2)
Glosses sobre temes de Pau Casals for string quintet and string orchestra, op.46 (2)
Guitar Sonata, op.47 (3)
Harp Concerto, op.25 (6)
Impresiones de la Puna (3)
Iubilum, op.51 (1)
La Moza Donosa (1)
Malambo (7)
Milonga (4)
Obertura para el Fausto criollo, op.9 (3)
Ollantay, op.17 (5)
Organ Toccata (arr. for Piano) (1)
Pampeana no.1 for violin and piano, op.16 (3)
Pampeana no.2 for cello and piano, op.21 (7)
Pampeana no.3, op.24 'Pastoral Symphony' (3)
Panambi, op.1 (2)
Panambi: Suite, op.1a (1)
Pequena danza (1)
Piano Concerto no.1, op.28 (2)
Piano Concerto no.2, op.39 (2)
Piano Sonata no.1, op.22 (11)
Piano Sonata no.2, op.53 (2)
Piano Sonata no.3, op.54 (2)
Piezas (3), op.6 (4)
Piezas infantiles (8) (2)
Popol Vuh - The Creation of the Mayan World, op.44 (1)
Preludios Americanos (12), op.12 (2)
Punena no.2, op.45 'Hommage a Paul Sacher' (3)
Rhapsody for violin and piano (1)
Rondo sobre temas infantiles argentinos, op.19 (2)
Sonatine for harp (1)
String Quartet no.1, op.20 (2)
String Quartet no.2, op.26 (1)
String Quartet no.3, op.40 (2)
Suite de danzas criollas, op.15 (6)
» no.1
» no.3
» no.5
Toccata (after Domenico Zipoli) (1)
Toccata, Villancico y Fuga, op.18 (2)
Triste (4)
Variaciones concertantes, op.23 (5)
Variazioni e Toccata sopra Aurora lucis rutilat, op.52 (1)
Violin Concerto, op.30 (4)
Zamba (2)

Alberto Evaristo Ginastera (April 11, 1916 June 25, 1983) was an Argentine composer of classical music. He is considered one of the most important 20th-century classical composers of the Americas.

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