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Albert Roussel

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A Farewell (1)
A Flower Given to my Daughter (1)
Aeneas, Op.54 (1)
Andante and Scherzo for flute and piano, op.51 (3)
Aria (arr. of Vocalise no.2) (2)
Aria no.2 for oboe and piano (1)
Aria (1)
Bacchus et Ariane, op.43: Suite no.1 (5)
Bacchus et Ariane, op.43: Suite no.2 (15)
Bacchus et Ariane, op.43 (3)
Concerto for small orchestra, op.34 (4)
Conte a la poupee (2)
Des heures passent, op.1 (2)
Divertissement for wind quintet and piano, op.6 (5)
Doute (2)
Evocations, op.15 (1)
Fanfare pour un sacre paien, L28 (1)
Flemish Rhapsody, op.56 (2)
Fugue for piano (1898) (1)
Impromptu for harp solo, op.21 (3)
Joueurs de flute, op.27 (12)
» I Pan
L'accueil des muses (3)
Le Bachelier de Salamanque (1)
Le Festin de l'araignee, op.17: Symphonic Fragments (3)
Le Festin de l'araignee, op.17 (9)
Le Marchand de Sable qui passe, op.13 (piano version) (1)
Le Marchand de Sable qui passe, op.13 (2)
Le Testament de la tante Caroline (Aunt Caroline's Will) (1)
Melodies (2), op.19 (2)
» Light
Melodies (2), op.20 (1)
Padmavati Suite no.1 (1)
Padmavati Suite no.2 (1)
Petit canon perpetuel (2)
Petite Suite, op.39 (7)
Petits pieces (3), op.49 (1)
Piano Concerto in G major, op.36 (2)
Piano Trio in E flat major, op.2 (1)
Pieces (3), op.49 (2)
Poemes (2) de Ronsard for flute and soprano, op.26 (4)
Poemes Chinois (2), op.35 (1)
Pour une fete de printemps, op.22 (4)
Prelude et Fugue, op.46 (1)
Reponse d'une epouse sage, op.35 no.2 (1)
Resurrection, op.4 (piano) (2)
Resurrection, op.4 (2)
Rustiques, op.5 (2)
Segovia, op.29 (3)
Serenade, op.30 (4)
Sinfonietta, op.52 (7)
Sonatine, op.16 (2)
String Trio, op.58 (2)
Suite in F major, op.33 (9)
Suite in F sharp minor, op.14 (2)
Symphony no.1, op.7 'Le Poeme de la foret' (2)
Symphony no.2 in B flat major, op.23 (3)
Symphony no.3 in G minor, op.42 (17)
Symphony no.4 in A major, op.53 (5)
Violin Sonata no.1 in D minor, op.11 (2)
Violin Sonata no.2 in A major, op.28 (2)
Vocalise-Etude 'Aria' (1)
Vocalise no.2 (1)

Albert Charles Paul Marie Roussel (5 April 1869 – 23 August 1937) was a French composer. He spent seven years as a midshipman, turned to music as an adult, and became one of the most prominent French composers of the interwar period. His early works were strongly influenced by the impressionism of Debussy and Ravel, while he later turned toward neoclassicism.

Roussel's most important works were the ballets Le festin de l'araignée, Bacchus et Ariane, and Aeneas and the four symphonies, of which the Third in G minor, and the Fourth in A major, are highly regarded and epitomize his mature neoclassical style. His other works include numerous ballets, orchestral suites, a piano concerto, a concertino for cello and orchestra, a psalm setting for chorus and orchestra, incidental music for the theatre, and much chamber music, solo piano music, and songs.

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