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Malcolm Arnold

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A Flourish for Orchestra, op.112 (1)
A Grand Grand Festival Overture, op.57 (1)
A Richmond Fanfare (1)
A Sussex Overture, op.31 (1)
Anniversary Overture, op.99 (1)
Beckus the Dandipratt, op.5 (8)
Brass Quintet no.1, op.73 (6)
Cello Concerto, op.136 (2)
Clarinet Concerto no.1, op.20 (2)
Clarinet Concerto no.2, op.115 (3)
Commonwealth Christmas Overture, op.64 (1)
Concertino for clarinet and strings, op.29a (arr. Roger Steptoe) (1)
Concertino for flute and strings, op.19a (arr. from Flute Sonatina) (1)
Concerto for 2 pianos (3 hands), op.104 (1)
Concerto for 2 violins and strings, op.77 (1)
Concerto for 28 players, op.105 (1)
Concerto for piano duet and strings, op.32 (1)
Cornish Dances (4), op.91 (2)
David Copperfield: Suite (1)
David Copperfield (3)
Divertimento, op.37 (2)
Divertimento no.2, op.75 (2)
Dream City (arr. for Wind Quintet) (1)
Duo for 2 cellos, op.85 (1)
Duo for 2 clarinets, op.135 (1)
Duo for flute and viola, op.10 (1)
Electra, op.79 (1)
English Dances Set I, op.27 (arr. Franz Reizenstein for piano duet) (1)
English Dances Set I, op.27 (5)
English Dances Set II, op.33 (arr. Franz Reizenstein for piano duet) (1)
English Dances Set II, op.33 (5)
Fanfare for a Royal Occasion (1)
Fantasy for bassoon, op.86 (2)
Fantasy for clarinet, op.87 (3)
Fantasy for flute, op.89 (2)
Fantasy for flute and clarinet (1)
Fantasy for guitar, op.107 (3)
Fantasy for harp, op.117 (1)
Fantasy for horn, op.88 (1)
Fantasy for oboe, op.9 (1)
Fantasy for recorder and string quartet, op.140 (1)
Fantasy on a theme of John Field, op.116 (2)
Festival Fanfare (1)
Flourish for a 21st Birthday, op.44 (1)
Flute Concerto no.1, op.45 (2)
Flute Sonata, op.121 (3)
Flute Sonatina, op.19 (2)
Grand Concerto Gastronomique, op.76 (1)
Grand Fantasia (2)
Guitar Concerto, op.67 (3)
Hobson's Choice (arr. Christopher Palmer) (1)
Hobson's Choice Suite (arr. Alan Poulton) (1)
Hobson's Choice (2)
Homage to the Queen: Suite, op.42 (2)
Horn Concerto no.2, op.58 (2)
Irish Dances (4), op.126 (2)
Kingston (1)
Larch Trees, op.3 (1)
Little Suite no.1, op.53 (1)
Little Suite no.2, op.78 (2)
Little Suite no.3, op.142 'A Manx Suite' (1)
Machines: Symphonic Study for Brass, Percussion and Strings, op.30 (2)
No Love for Johnnie: Suite (1)
Oboe Quartet, op.61 (1)
Oboe Sonatina, op.28 (2)
Organ Concerto, op.47 (2)
Padstow lifeboat (1)
Peterloo, op.97 (1)
Phantasy for String Quartet, 'Vita Abundans' (3)
Philharmonic Concerto, op.120 (3)
Piano Pieces (3) (1)
Piano Sonata (1)
Piano Trio, op.54 (2)
Pieces (5) for violin and piano, op.84 (2)
Pieces (5) for violin and strings, op.84a (arr. Philip Lane) (1)
Popular Birthday for the Seventieth Birthday of Sir William Walton (1)
Quintet for flute, violin, viola, horn and bassoon, op.7 (2)
Railway Fanfare (1)
Recorder Concerto, op.133 (1)
Rinaldo and Armida, op.49 (1)
Robert Kett Overture, op.141 (1)
Savile Centenary Fanfare (1)
Saxophone Concerto (arr. D Ellis from Piano Sonata) (2)
Scottish Dances (4), op.59 (arr. David Gedge) (1)
Scottish Dances (4), op.59 (6)
Sea Shanties for Wind Quintet, op.4 (1)
Serenade for guitar and strings, op.50 (3)
Severn Bridge Variations (1)
Shanties (3), op.4 (4)
Sinfonietta no.1, op.48 (1)
Solitaire (2)
Sonatina for clarinet and piano, op.29 (8)
Sonatina for recorder, op.41 (2)
Stolen Face (1)
String Quartet no.1, op.23 (3)
String Quartet no.2, op.118 (arr. David Matthews for string orchestra as 'Sonata for Strings') (1)
String Quartet no.2, op.118 (4)
Suite Bourgeoise (2)
Sweeney Todd: Concert Suite, op.68a (1)
Symphony for Strings, op.13 (1)
Symphony no.1, op.22 (4)
Symphony no.2, op.40 (3)
Symphony no.3, op.63 (4)
Symphony no.4, op.71 (5)
Symphony no.5, op.74 (5)
Symphony no.6, op.95 (5)
Symphony no.7, op.113 (4)
Symphony no.8. op.124 (3)
Symphony no.9, op.128 (4)
Tam O'Shanter overture, op.51 (8)
The Belles of St Trinians (3)
The Bridge on the River Kwai (arr. Christopher Palmer) (1)
The Bridge on the River Kwai (arr. Percy Grainger) (1)
The Captain's Paradise (1)
The Chalk Garden (1)
The Dancing Master (1)
The Fair Field, op.110 (1)
The Holly and the Ivy (1)
The Inn of the Sixth Happiness Suite (arr. Christopher Palmer) (1)
The Inn of the Sixth Happiness (2)
The Padstow Lifeboat March, op.94 (orch. Philip Lane) (1)
The Roots of Heaven (2)
The Smoke, op.21 (1)
The Sound Barrier, op.38 (1)
The Three Musketeers (1)
Theme pour mon Amis (arr. Alan Poulton) (1)
Toy Symphony, op.62 (1)
Trapeze: Suite (1)
Trapeze (1)
Trio for flute, viola and bassoon, op.6 (1)
Variations on a Theme of Ruth Gipps, op.122 (1)
Variations on a Ukrainian Folksong, op.9 (3)
Viola Sonata, op.17 (2)
Violin Sonata no.1, op.15 (2)
Violin Sonata no.2, op.43 (2)
Welsh Dances (4), op.138 (2)
Whistle Down the Wind (arr. Christopher Palmer) (1)
Wind Quintet, op.2 (1)
You Know What Sailors Are (3)

Sir Malcolm Henry Arnold, CBE (21 October 1921 – 23 September 2006) was an English composer. He gained a reputation for composing light music, film scores, works for theatre, ballets and symphonies.

Malcolm Arnold was born in Northampton, England, the youngest of five children from a prosperous Northampton family of shoemakers. After seeing Louis Armstrong play in Bournemouth, he took up the trumpet at the age of 12 and five years later won a scholarship to the Royal College of Music (RCM).

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