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John Field

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Air de bon Roi Henri IV (1)
Album Leaves (2) in C minor (1)
Andante (Nocturne) for piano in E flat major, H64 (1)
Andante inedit in E flat major (1)
Cavatina in E major 'Reviens, reviens', H53 (1)
Chanson Russe variee (1)
Divertissement no.1 in E major, H13a (2)
Divertissement no.2 in A major, H14 (3)
Fantasia 'Ah! quel dommage' (1)
Fantasia 'Guardami un poco capo al piede' (1)
Fantasia in G major 'We Met' (1)
Fantasie sur l'air de Martini (1)
Fantasie sur un air russe 'In the Garden' (2)
Irish Concerto (ed. H Priegnitz from Piano Concerto no.2: I Allegro moderato) (1)
Irish Dance 'Go to the Devil' (3)
Kamarinskaya - Variations in B flat major on a Russian Air (2)
Marche Triomphale (1)
Nocturne in B flat major (Andantino), H63 (1)
Nocturne no.19 in C major 'Le troubadour' (2)
Nocturnes (18) (31)
Nocturne (1)
Nouvelle fantasie in G major (1)
Pastorale (Nocturne) for piano in A major, H14 (1)
Piano Concerto no.1 in E flat major, H27 (6)
» Rondo
Piano Concerto no.2 in A flat major, H31 (7)
» II.
» Rondo
Piano Concerto no.3 in E flat major, H32 (7)
» Rondo
Piano Concerto no.4 in E flat major, H28 (6)
» Rondo
Piano Concerto no.5 in C major 'L'incendie par l'orage', H39 (6)
Piano Concerto no.6 in C major, H49 (6)
Piano Concerto no.7 in C major, H58 (5)
Piano Quintet in A flat major, H34 (1)
Piano Sonata in A major, op.1 no.2 (1)
Piano Sonata in B major, H17 (2)
Piano Sonata in C minor, op.1 no.3 (1)
Piano Sonata in E flat major, op.1 no.1 (2)
Polonaise en rondeau (1)
Quintetto in A flat major (1)
Rondeau Ecossais (1)
Rondo 'Come Again, Come Again' (1)
Rondo 'Speed The Plough' (1)
Rondo for Piano in A major, H38 (1)
Rondo in A flat major, H18a (4)
Rondoletto (1)
Sehnsuchtswalzer (1)
Serenade: Poco adagio (from Piano Concerto no.2), H31 (1)
Sonata in A major, op.1 no.2 (3)
Sonata in B major, H17 (1)
Sonata in C minor, op.1 no.3 (3)
Sonata in E flat major, op.1 no.1 (3)
Sonata no.4 in B major (1)
The Favorite Hornpipe Danced by Madame De Caro, Arranged as a Rondo (1)
The Two Slaves Dances in Black Beard, Arranged as a Rondo (1)
Variations on 'Air du bon Roi Henry IV' (1)
Variations on 'Chanson russe variee' (1)
Variations on 'Fal Lal La' (1)
Variations on 'Logie of Buchan' (1)
Variations on 'Since Then I'm Doom'd' (1)
Variations on 'Within a mile of Edinboro Town' (1)

John Field (26 July 1782, baptised 5 September 1782 – 23 January 1837) was an Irish pianist, composer, and teacher. He was born in Dublin into a musical family, and received his early education there. The Fields soon moved to London, where Field studied under Muzio Clementi. Under his tutelage, Field quickly became a famous and sought-after concert pianist; together, master and pupil visited Paris, Vienna, and St. Petersburg. Ambiguity surrounds Field's decision to remain in the Russian capital, but it is likely that Field acted as a sales representative for the Clementi Pianos.

Field was very highly regarded by his contemporaries and his playing and compositions influenced many major composers, including Frédéric Chopin, Johannes Brahms, Robert Schumann, and Franz Liszt. Field is best known as the instigator of the nocturne, but there is evidence to suggest that this is a posthumous accolade. Although little is known of Field in Russia, he undoubtedly contributed substantially to concerts and teaching, and to the development of the Russian piano school.

Notable students include Prussian pianist and composer Charles Meyer.

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