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Alexis Emmanuel Chabrier

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Adieux a Suzon (1)
Ah! petit demon (1)
Air de ballet (1)
A l'ile heureuse (1)
A la musique (1)
Aubade (arr. Ben-Pienaar) (1)
Ballabile (orch. C Lambert) (1)
Ballade des grans dindons (2)
Ballade des gros dindons (2)
Bergere and chasseur (1)
Bourree fantasque (orch. Charles Koechlin) (1)
Bourree fantasque (orch. Felix Mottl) (2)
Bourree fantasque (5)
Briseis ou Les amants de Corinthe (1)
Chanson pour Jeanne (3)
Chants d'oiseaux (1)
Cinq pieces posthumes (1)
Cortege burlesque, op. posth. (1)
Couplets de Mariette (1)
Credo d'amour (1)
Danse Slave (1)
Danse villageoise (arr. Ben-Pienaar) (1)
Duo de l'ouvreuse de l'Opera Comique (1)
Espana (38)
Fete polonaise (1)
Feuillet d'album (3)
Fisch-Ton-Kan (2)
Gwendoline: Overture (6)
Habanera (9)
Idylle (1)
Impromptu (2)
Ivresses! (1)
Joyeuse marche (17)
L'Etoile (8)
L'enfant (1)
L'ile heureuse (4)
L'invitation au voyage (2)
Lamento (2)
Larghetto for horn and orchestra (2)
Le Roi malgre lui (14)
Le pas d'armes du roi Jean (1)
Les cigales (6)
Le sentier sombre (1)
Les plus jolies chansons du Pays de France (1)
Lied, Nez au vent, coeur plein d'aise (1)
Lied (1)
Menuet Pompeux (orch. Ravel) (1)
Menuet Pompeux (1)
Ode a la musique (3)
Pastorale des cochons roses (1)
Pastorale des cochons rose (1)
Pieces pittoresques (10) (15)
Pieces posthumes (5) (1)
Prelude pastoral (4)
Que les amants ont de peines (1)
Ronde gauloise (1)
Serenade de Ruy Blas (1)
Serenade (1)
Sommation irrespecteuse (1)
Suite pastorale (8)
Tes yeux bleus (1)
Toutes les fleurs (3)
Une Education Manquee (1)
Valses romantiques (3) (arr. Alfred Cortot for 2 pianos) (1)
Valses romantiques (3) (2)
» no.3
Villanelle des petits canards (4)

Alexis Emmanuel Chabrier (January 18, 1841 – September 13, 1894) was a French Romantic composer and pianist. Although known primarily for two of his orchestral works, España and Joyeuse marche, he left an important corpus of operas (including the increasingly popular L'étoile), songs, and piano music as well. These works, though small in number, are of very high quality, and he was admired by composers as diverse as Debussy, Ravel, Richard Strauss, Satie, Schmitt, Stravinsky, and the group of composers known as Les six. Stravinsky alluded to España in his ballet Petrushka, Ravel wrote that the opening bars of Le roi malgré lui changed the course of harmony in France, Poulenc wrote a biography of the composer, and Richard Strauss conducted the first staged performance of Chabrier's incomplete opera Briséïs.

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