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Zdenek Fibich

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A Night at Karlstejn Castle, op.26 (1)
At Twilight, op.39 (3)
Boure (The Tempest), op.40 (1)
Clear Night for violin and piano (2)
Concert Polonaise for violin and piano (1)
Great Musical Monograph of the Building of the National Theatre (1)
Hedy, op.43: Ballet music (1)
Hedy, op.43 (1)
Hippodamia's Death, op.33 (1)
» March
Impressions from the Countryside, op.54 (1)
Komensky, op.34 (1)
Malirske studie (Studies of paintings), op.56 (2)
Moods, impressions and reminiscences, op.41 (excerpts) (2)
Moods, impressions and reminiscences, op.41 (4)
» no.17
Moods, impressions and reminiscences, op.44 (excerpts) (2)
Moods, impressions and reminiscences, op.47 (excerpts) (2)
Moods, impressions and reminiscences, op.57 (excerpts) (2)
Music for a Tableau Vivant for the 300th Anniversary Celebrations of the Birth of Komensky (1)
Music for a Tableau Vivant for the Reopening of the National Theatre (1)
Othello, op.6 (1)
Piano Quartet in E minor, op.11 (1)
Piano Trio in F minor (1)
Poeme (5)
Prologue to the Opening of the New Czech Theatre (1)
Romance in B flat major, op.10 (orch. A Provaznik) (1)
Romance in B flat major, op.10 (1)
Sarka (7)
Selanka (Idyll), op.16 (1)
Sonata in B flat major, op.28 (1)
Sonatina for Violin and Piano, op.27 (1)
Song without Words for two violins and piano (1)
Spring, op.13 (1)
String Quartet in A Major (1)
String Quartet in G major, op.8 (1)
Symphony no.1 in F major, op.17 (3)
Symphony no.2 in E flat major, op.38 (3)
Symphony no.3 in E minor, op.53 (4)
The Bride of Messina, op.18 (3)
The Jew of Prague (1)
The Tempest: symphonic poem, op.46 (1)
Toman and the Wood Nymph, op.49 (1)
Violin Sonata in D major (1)
Zaboj, Slavoj and Ludek, op.37 (1)

Zdeněk Fibich (21 December 1850 – 15 October 1900) was a Czech composer of classical music. Among his compositions are chamber works (including two string quartets, a piano trio, piano quartet and a quintet for piano, strings and winds), symphonic poems, three symphonies, at least seven operas (the most famous probably Šárka and The Bride of Messina), melodramas including the substantial trilogy Hippodamia, liturgical music including a mass - a missa brevis; and a large cycle (almost 400 pieces, from the 1890s) of piano works called Moods, Impressions, and Reminiscences. The piano cycle served as a diary of sorts of his love for a piano pupil. He was born in Všebořice (Šebořice) near Čáslav.

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