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Rued Langgaard

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Afgrundsmusik, BVN169 (2)
Albumsblad, BVN54 (1)
Andante religioso (2)
Antikrist (4)
Ascension Day (1)
Aubade 'Morgenstandchen' (2)
Augustinusiana, BVN63 (1)
Blomstervignetter (Flower Vignettes) (4), BVN56 (3)
Blomstervignetter (Flower Vignettes) (4), BVN424 (2)
Carl Nielsen, Our Great Composer!, BVN355 (1)
Chiesa madre, BVN367 (1)
Concerto in one movement for Violin and Orchestra (1)
Danmarks Radio, BVN351 (1)
Drapa 'Upon the Death of Grieg', BVN20 (3)
Ecrasez l'infame, BVN385 (1)
Ecrasez l'infame (1)
Endens Tid (The end of Time), BVN243 (1)
Expression, BVN242 (1)
Fem erotiske digte (5 Erotic Poems) (1)
Fjeldblomster (Mountain Flowers) (2)
Flammekamrene (The Flame Chambers), BVN221 (4)
From the Song of Solomon, BVN381 (1)
Gitanjali Hymns, BVN149 (3)
Heltedod: Death of a Hero (1)
Hostfuglen, BVN141a (1)
Humoreske (Humoresque), BVN176 (1)
Hvidbjerg-Drapa, BVN343 (1)
I blomstringstiden (In the flowering time), BVN136 (1)
I det blafrende Efteraarslygteskaer (In the Flickering Autumn Lamplight), BVN206 (1)
Insektarium, BVN134 (1)
In tenebras exteriores for Orgel, BVN334 (1)
Interdict, BVN335 (2)
Italian Scherzo: String Quartet Movement (1)
Le Beguinage, BVN369 (2)
Lenaustemninger (Lenau moods), BVN138 (1)
Lieder (5) (1)
Lokkende toner, BVN112 (1)
Mariae Bebudelse (1)
Messis - organ drama in three evenings, BVN228 (1)
Morgen ved Stranden, BVN28 (1)
Music of the Abyss (Sonata), BVN169 (arr. Allan Gravgaard Madsen) (1)
Music of the Spheres, BVN128 (2)
Night Watchman's Song (1)
Piano Concerto 'Fra Arild' (1)
Piano Sonata no.1, BVN197 (1)
Piano Sonata no.2, BVN222 'Ex est' (1)
Piano Sonata no.3, BVN268 'Memories of Harvest-time' (1)
Prelude to the opera 'Antichrist' (2)
Res absurda!?, BVN354 (1)
Rosengaardsspil (Rose Garden Play), BVN153 (1)
Rosengaardsviser (3) (1)
Saeterjenten, BVN114 (1)
Sarabande, BVN6 (2)
Scherzo, BVN186 (1)
Scherzo on the motifs C A and 'Ach, du lieber Augustin', BVN62 (1)
Septet, BVN95 (1)
Sfinx, BVN37 (2)
Short Violin Sonata (2)
Skyggeliv (Shadow Lives), BVN307 (3)
Smaa Sommerminder (Remembrances of Summer) (4), BVN254 (2)
Som en Tyv om Natten (As a Thief in the Night), BVN211a (1)
Sommerferie i Blekinge (Summer holidays in Blekinge), BVN123 (1)
Songs (8) (Emil Rittershaus) (1)
Sponsa Christi taedium vitae, BVN297 (2)
Stambogsblad (Albumleaf), BVN38 (2)
String Quartet in A flat major, BVN155 (1)
String Quartet no.1 (1)
String Quartet no.2 in D minor (1)
String Quartet no.3 (2)
String Quartet no.4, BVN 215 'Summer Days' (1)
String Quartet no.5 (1)
String Quartet no.6 in D minor (1)
Sunday Sonata for violin, piano, organ and orchestra (1)
Symphonies nos.1-16 (complete) (1)
Symphony no.1, 'Klippepastoraler' (Pastorals of the Rocks) (1)
Symphony no.2, 'Vaarbrud' (Awakening of Spring), BVN53 (3)
Symphony no.3, 'Ungdonsbrus - La Melodia' (The Flush of Youth - La Melodia), BVN96 (2)
Symphony no.4 'Lovfald' (Fall of the Leaves) (3)
Symphony no.5 'Steppenatur' (Nature of the Steppe) (2)
Symphony no.6 'Det Himmelrivende' (Heavens Asunder) (4)
Symphony no.7 'Ved Tordenskjold i Holmens Kirke' (1)
Symphony no.8 'Minder ved Amalienborg (Memories at Amalienborg) (1)
Symphony no.9 'Fra Dronning Dagmars By' (1)
Symphony no.10 'Yon Dwelling of Thunder' (2)
Symphony no.11 ’Ixion’ (1)
Symphony no.12 'Helsingeburg', BVN318 (2)
Symphony no.13 'Undertro' (Belief in Wonder), BVN319 (2)
Symphony no.14 'Morgenen' (Morning) (3)
Symphony no.15 'Sostormen' (The Sea Storm) (1)
Symphony no.16 'Syndflod af Sol' (Deluge of Sun) (1)
Tone Pictures (4) (1)
Upaaagtede Morgenstjerner (Unnoticed morning stars) (1)
Vanvidsfantasi, DVN327 (1)
Variations on 'Mig hjertelig nu laenges' (Oh, Sacred Head! Now Wounded) (1)
Violin Concerto, BVN82 (1)
Violin Concerto, BVN289 (1)
Violin Sonata (unfinished), BVN41 (1)
Violin Sonata no.1, 'Viole' (1)
Violin Sonata no.2 'The Great Master Cometh' (1)
Violin Sonata no.3 (2)
Violin Sonata no.4, 'Parce nobis, Jesu!' (2)

Rued Langgaard (28 July 1893 – 10 July 1952) was a late-Romantic Danish composer and organist. His then-unconventional music was at odds with that of his Danish contemporaries and was recognized only 16 years after his death.

Rued Langgaard composed in a late Romantic style, emphatically dramatic and endowed with colossal mood swings. Unquestionably, he was influenced by Richard Wagner and Richard Strauss and, like Strauss, he was a master of orchestration. He was a prolific composer for the large orchestra, writing 16 symphonies as well as other orchestral works.

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