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Gustav Holst

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A Choral Fantasy, op.51 (1)
A Dirge for Two Veterans, H121 (1)
A Dream of Christmas (1)
A Fugal Concerto, op.40 no.2 (4)
A Fugal Overture, op.40 no.1 (4)
A Hampshire Suite, op.28 no.2 (arr. Jacobs) (1)
A Moorside Suite, H173 (arr. P Lane) (1)
A Moorside Suite, H173 (4)
A Piece for Yvonne (1)
A Somerset Rhapsody, op.21 no.2 H87 (5)
A Song of the Night, op.19 no.1 (4)
A Vigil of Pentecost (1)
A Winter Idyll, H31 (2)
Adam Buckham O! (traditional) (1)
All People that on Earth do Dwell (1)
Allegretto pastorale (1)
At the Boar's Head, op.42 H156 (1)
Ave Maria, op.9b (10)
Ave Maria (3)
Awake, awake (1)
Beni Mora (Oriental Suite), op.29 no.1 (4)
Between us now (1)
Bring us in good ale, op.34 no.4 H131 (1)
Brook Green Suite, H190 (transcr. Vally Lasker) (1)
Brook Green Suite, H190 (8)
» Air
By Weary Stages the Old World Ages (Hill Crest) (1)
Capriccio (ed. Imogen Holst) (2)
Carols (2), H91 (1)
Carols (3), H133 (2)
Choral Folk-Songs (6), H136 (2)
Choral Hymns from the Rig Veda, op.26: 3rd Group, H99 (6)
Choral Symphony, op.41 H155 (1)
Choruses (6), op.53 (1)
Chrissemas Day in the Morning, op.46 no.1 (3)
Christ Hath a Garden (Leighton) (1)
Christmas Day (arr. Larry Daehn) (1)
Christmas Day: A Choral Fantasy on Old Carols, H109 (2)
Concertante for Trombone and Concert Band (1)
Darest thou now, O soul, H72 (2)
Double Concerto for 2 Violins, op.49 (4)
Duet for Trombone and Organ (1)
Eastern Pictures (2), H112 (1)
Egdon Heath, op.47 H172 'Homage to Hardy' (arr. Iain Farrington) (1)
Egdon Heath, op.47 H172 'Homage to Hardy' (4)
Elegy (In Memoriam William Morris) (two pianos) (1)
Epilogue: I lay these lilies (1)
Eternal Father (1)
Festival Choruses (3), op.36a H134 (arr. Iain Farrington) (1)
Festival Choruses (3), op.36a H134 (3)
Folk Songs (16) from Hampshire, H83 (1)
Folk Songs Fragments (2), op.46 no.2 (1)
From Glory to Glory Advancing (Sheen) (1)
Fugue a la Gigue (after J S Bach's Fugue in G major, BWV577) (1)
Funeral March in G minor (1)
Gird on Thy Sword (1)
Hammersmith, op.52 (7)
Hymns from the Rig Veda (9), op.24 (arr. Timothy Collins) (1)
Hymns from the Rig Veda (9), op.24 (1)
I love my Love (traditional) (4)
In This World, the Isle of Dreams (Brook End) (1)
Indra, op.13 H66 (2)
In the bleak mid-winter (13)
In the bleak midwinter (arr. Alexander L'Estrange) (1)
In the bleak midwinter (arr. M Wilberg) (2)
In the bleak midwinter (arr. Ola Gjeilo) (1)
In the bleak midwinter (arr. Robert Smith) (1)
In the bleak midwinter (arr. Stephen Bulla) (1)
In the bleak midwinter (arr. Timothy Jackson) (1)
Invocation, op.19 no.2 (6)
I vow to thee, my country (5)
Japanese Suite, op.33 (4)
Jesu, Thou the Virgin-born (2)
Jig (1)
Lullay my liking, op.34 no.2 H129 (6)
Lyric Movement for Viola and Orchestra (5)
Man born to toil (2)
March in C major (1)
Marching Song, op.22 no.2 (2)
Matthew, Mark, Luke and John (traditional) (1)
Morris Dance Tunes (1)
My sweetheart's like Venus (1)
Nocturne (3)
Northumbrian Folk Tunes (2) (1)
Not Unto Us, O Lord (1)
Nunc dimittis, H127 (13)
O! I hae seen the roses blaw (1)
O Lady, leave that silken thread (1)
Ode to death, op.38 (arr. Iain Farrington) (1)
Ode to death, op.38 (1)
Of one that is so fair and bright, op.34 no.3 H130 (1)
Old English Christmas Carols (4), op.20b H82 (2)
Ornulf's Drapa (1)
Our Blest Redeemer (Essex) (1)
Part-Songs (5), op.9a (1)
Part-Songs (5), op.12 (2)
Partsongs (7), op.44 (2)
Phantasy on British Folksongs, op.36 (ed. Roderick Swanston) (1)
Phantasy on British Folksongs, op.36 (1)
Pieces (2) for piano (2)
Pieces (3) for oboe and string quartet (1)
Pieces (5) for violin and piano (1)
Postlude in C major (1)
Psalm 148 (3)
Psalms (2), H117 (4)
Quintet in A minor, op.3 (1)
Savitri (3)
Scherzo for orchestra, H192 (4)
Scherzo for organ (arr. Richard Brasier) (1)
Scherzo for string sextet (1)
Sergeant's Song (1)
Sextet E minor for oboe, clarinet, bassoon and string trio (1)
Short Festival Te Deum, H145 (arr. Iain Farrington) (1)
Sing me the men, op.43 no.2 (1)
Songs (4), op.4 (4)
Songs (4), op.35 (9)
Songs (6), op.15 H58 (1)
Songs (6), op.16 (4)
Songs (12), op.48 'Humbert Wolfe Songs' (6)
Songs without Words (2), op.22 (3)
St Paul's Suite, op.29 no.2 (11)
» Jig
Suite No.1 for military band, op.28 no.1 (10)
Suite No.2 for military band, op.28 no.2 (4)
Suite de ballet, op.10 (2)
Swansea Town (English traditional) (1)
Symphony in F major, op.8 'The Cotswolds' (3)
Terzetto for flute, oboe and clarinet (1)
Terzetto for flute, oboe and viola (1)
The Autumn is Old, H1 (1)
The Ballad of Hunting Knowe (1)
The Cloud Messenger, op.30 (chamber version, arr. Joseph Fort) (1)
The Cloud Messenger, op.30 (1)
The Evening Watch, op.43 no.1 (9)
The Golden Goose, op.45 no.1 (2)
The Heart Worships (4)
The Hymn of Jesus, op.37 (4)
The Lure (1)
The Morning of the Year, op.45 no.2 (1)
The Mystic Trumpeter, op.18 (3)
The Perfect Fool, op.39 (arr. for brass band) (1)
The Perfect Fool, op.39 (2)
The Perfect Fool: Ballet Music, op.39 (15)
The Planets, op.32 (arr. J Endebrock for 2 organs and percussion) (1)
The Planets, op.32 (piano four hands) (1)
The Planets, op.32 (trans. for organ) (3)
» Mars
The Planets, op.32 (two pianos) (3)
The Planets, op.32 (77)
The Planets: Jupiter (arr. Stephen Roberts) (1)
The Shoemakker (1)
The Swallow leaves her nest, H119 (1)
The Wandering Scholar, op.50 H176 (3)
This have I done for my true love, op.34 no.1 (7)
Toccata (3)
Vedic Hymns (12), 1st Group, op.24 H90 (2)
Walt Whitman Overture, op.7 (3)
Wassail Song (2)
Welsh Folk Songs (10) (2)
Wind Quintet in A flat major, op.14 (5)
Winter and the Birds (1)

Gustav Theodore Holst (born Gustavus Theodore von Holst; 21 September 1874 – 25 May 1934) was an English composer, arranger and teacher. Best known for his orchestral suite The Planets, he composed a large number of other works across a range of genres, although none achieved comparable success. His distinctive compositional style was the product of many influences, Richard Wagner and Richard Strauss being most crucial early in his development, the subsequent inspiration of the English folksong revival of the early 20th century, together with the example of such rising modern composers as Arnold Schoenberg and Maurice Ravel, leading Holst to develop and refine his own individual style.

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