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Eugene Ysaye

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Andante for violin & orchestra (violin & piano version) (1)
Andante in B minor for 2 violins, 2 violas and cello (1)
Au rouet, op.13 (1)
Berceuse, op.20 (4)
Caprice (2)
Chant d'hivers, op.15 (3)
Divertimento, op.24 (2)
Etude posthume for solo violin (1)
Exil for string orchestra, op.25 (1)
Extase, op.21 (5)
Fantaisie for violin and orchestra, op.32 (arr. violin and piano by J Dincin) (1)
Harmonies du Soir, op.31 (1)
Legende norvegienne (1)
Les neiges d'antan, op.23 (2)
Mazurka no.3 in B minor, op.11 'Lointain Passe' (3)
Meditation for cello and orchestra, op.16 (1)
Paganini Variations, op. posth (arr. Jacques Ysaye for string quartet) (1)
Paganini Variations, op. posth (3)
Petite Fantaisie romantique (1)
Poeme elegiaque, op.12 (violin and piano) (5)
Poeme elegiaque for violin and orchestra, op.12 (6)
Reve d'enfant, op.14 (12)
Serenade for cello and orchestra, op.22 (1)
Si vous saviez for violin and piano (1)
Sonata for 2 violins in A minor, op.posth (8)
Sonata for solo cello, op.28 (8)
Sonatas (6) for solo violin, op.27 (78)
Sonate posthume for solo violin, op.27bis (1)
String Quartet London (1)
String Quintet in B minor for 2 violins, 2 violas and cello 'a mon frere Theophile' (1)
String Trio, op.posth 'Le Chimay' (1)
Trio for two violins and viola (2)
Trio no.1 de Concert (in one part) for violin, viola and cello (1)
Trio no.2 for violin, viola and cello (1)
Violin Concerto (1)

Eugène Ysaÿe (16 July 1858 – 12 May 1931) was a Belgian violinist, composer and conductor. He was regarded as "The King of the Violin", or, as Nathan Milstein put it, the "tsar".

As his physical ailments grew more prohibitive, Ysaÿe turned more to teaching, conducting and an early love, composition. Among his most famous works are the six Sonatas for Solo Violin op. 27, the unaccompanied Sonata for Cello, op. 28, one Sonata for Two Violins, eight Poèmes for various instruments (one or two violins, violin and cello, string quartet) and orchestra (Poème élégiaque, Poème de l'Extase, Chant d'hiver, Poème nocturne, among others), pieces for string orchestra without basses (including Poème de l'Exil), two string trios, a quintet, and an opera, Peter the Miner, written near the end of his life in the Walloon dialect.

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Capriccio: Works by Haydn, Mendelssohn, Ysaye, R Strauss, etc.


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