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Leopold Godowsky

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Am Meer (Franz Schubert: Schwanengesang) (1)
Aufforderung zum Tanz (Carl Maria von Weber): Contrapuntal arrangement (1)
Au jardin des fleurs (1)
Avowal (Poem no.2) (1)
Concert Album for the left hand alone (1)
Concert Study, op.11 no.1 'Grottesco' (1)
Du bist wie eine Blume (Robert Schumann) (2)
Elegy for the left hand alone (1)
Gigue (1)
Hochlandisches Wiegenlied (Schumann) (1)
Impressions (12) (1)
Java Suite (Phonoramas:Tonal Journeys for the Pianoforte) (3)
Marchen (1)
Menuet no.1 (1)
Menuet (1)
Moment Musical in F minor (Schubert D780) (1)
Moto perpetuo (1)
Old Vienna (1)
Passacaglia (2)
Perpetuum mobile (Weber - Rondo from Sonata op.24): Concert arrangement (1)
Piano Sonata in E minor (2)
Pieces (6) for both hands (1)
Pieces (6) for the left hand alone (1)
Prelude and Fugue for the left hand alone (1)
Renaissance (2)
Rondino on a theme of Beethoven (Fritz Kreisler) (1)
Schubert Song Transcriptions (12) (2)
Serenade (1)
Standchen (Richard Strauss) (2)
Still wie die Nacht (Carl Bohm) (1)
Studies (53) on Chopin's Etudes (selection) (2)
Studies (53) on Chopin's Etudes (6)
» no.7
» no.8
» no.9
» no.22
» no.25
» no.28
» no.45
» no.47
Studies on Chopin's Etudes (22), for left hand alone (3)
Studies on Chopin's Etudes op.25 (1)
Studies on Chopin's Trois Nouvelles Etudes (1)
Study no.34 'Mazurka' (after Chopin) (2)
Suite for the left hand alone (2)
Symphonic Metamorphoses on themes by Johann Strauss (14)
Symphonic metamorphoses on themes from The Gypsy Baron (1)
Triakontameron, 30 Moods and Scenes in Triple Measure (4)
» no.1
» no.2
» no.3
Triakontameron no.2 'Nocturnal Tangier' (arr. Kreisler) (1)
Triakontameron no.2 'Nocturnal Tangier' (1)
Triakontameron no.11 'Alt Wien' (arr. Heifetz) (6)
Triakontameron no.11 'Alt Wien' (6)
Triakontameron no.21 'Le Salon' (2)
Triakontameron no.26 The Cuckoo Clock (1)
Triana (after Albeniz) (1)
Trockne Blumen (Schubert) (1)
Twilight Thoughts no.2 (1)
Vergebliches Standchen (Johannes Brahms) (1)
Waltz Poems (6) for the left hand (3)
Waltzes (3) for piano paraphrases (Kunster life) (1)
Walzermasken (1)

Leopold Godowsky (13 February 1870 – 21 November 1938) was a Polish American pianist, composer, and teacher. One of the most highly regarded performers of his time, he became known for his theories concerning the application of relaxed weight and economy of motion in piano playing, principles later propagated by Godowsky's pupils, such as Heinrich Neuhaus. Ferruccio Busoni said that he and Godowsky were the only composers to have added anything of significance to keyboard writing since Franz Liszt.

As a composer, Godowsky is best known for his transcriptions of works by other composers. His best known work in the field is 53 Studies on Chopin's Études (1894–1914).

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