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Arthur Bliss

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A Colour Symphony (6)
A Knot of Riddles (1)
A Widow Bird sate Mourning (1)
A child's prayer, op.38 F171 (1)
Adam Zero (2)
American Poems (2) (1)
American Poems (7) (1)
Answering You (1)
Bliss (One-step) (2)
Caesar and Cleopatra: Suite (1)
Cello Concerto (2)
Checkmate: Suite (1)
Checkmate (2)
Christopher Columbus: Suite (arr. Adriano) (1)
Clarinet Quintet (6)
Concerto for 2 Pianos and Orchestra (1)
Contrasts (2) (1)
Conversations for flute, oboe, violin, viola and cello (1)
Das alte Jahr vergangen ist (The old year has ended) (1)
Elegiac Sonnet (2)
Fanfare for Heroes (2)
Fanfare for a Coming of Age (1)
Fanfare for a Dignified Occasion (2)
Fanfare for the Lord Mayor of London (1)
Fanfare in honour of Sir Henry Wood's 75th birthday (1)
Fanfares (8) (1)
Heritage of Britain (1)
Homage to Shakespeare (2)
Hymn to Apollo (original 1926 version) (1)
Hymn to Apollo (1)
Interludes (2) (1)
Intermezzo (1)
Introduction and Allegro (4)
Kenilworth (1)
Love Songs (2) (1)
Madam Noy (1)
March: The Phoenix (In honour of France) (1)
March of Homage in Honour of a Great Man (1)
Mary of Magdala (1)
Masks (4) (1)
May-Zeeh Suite for Piano (1)
Meditations on a theme of John Blow (2)
Melee Fantasque (2)
Men of Two Worlds (2)
» Baraza
Metamorphic Variations (2)
Morning Heroes (1)
Music for Strings (5)
Nursery Rhymes (2) (1)
Oboe Quintet, op.21 (3)
Pastoral 'Lie Strewn the White Flocks' (3)
Pastoral for clarinet and piano (4)
Piano Concerto in B flat major (6)
Piano Quartet in A minor, op.18 (2)
Piano Sonata (3)
Polonaise (1)
Processional Interlude (1)
» Theme
Romantic Songs (3) (1)
Rout (2)
Royal Fanfares (6) (1)
Royal Fanfare (1)
Set of Act-Tunes and Dances (Purcell) (1)
Seven Waves Away: Three Orchestral Pieces (1)
Sing, mortals! (1)
Songs (3) (1)
Songs (4) (1)
String Quartet in A major (1)
String Quartet no.1 in B flat major (1)
String Quartet no.2 in F minor (4)
Studies, op.16 (1)
Study (1)
Suite for piano (3)
The Beatitudes (3)
The Buckle (1)
The Enchantress (2)
The Lady of Shalott (1)
The Royal Palaces: Suite (1)
The Tramps (1)
Theme and Cadenza for violin and orchestra, F120 (2)
Theme from 'War in the Air' (1)
The rout trot (1)
Things to Come: Suite (7)
Things to Come (6)
» Attack
» March
Toccata (1)
Triptych (1)
Valses Fantastiques (1)
Viola Sonata, op.91 (5)
Violin Concerto (5)
Violin Sonata, F192 (1)
Wedding Fanfare (1)
Welcome the Queen (4)
When I was one and twenty (1)

Sir Arthur Edward Drummond Bliss, CH, KCVO (2 August 1891 – 27 March 1975) was an English composer and conductor.

Bliss's musical training was cut short by the First World War, in which he served with distinction in the army. In the post-war years he quickly became known as an unconventional and modernist composer, but within the decade he began to display a more traditional and romantic side in his music. In the 1920s and 1930s he composed extensively not only for the concert hall, but also for films and ballet.

In the Second World War, Bliss returned to England from the US to work for the BBC and became its director of music. After the war he resumed his work as a composer, and was appointed Master of the Queen's Music.

In Bliss's later years, his work was respected but was thought old-fashioned, and it was eclipsed by the music of younger colleagues such as William Walton and Benjamin Britten. Since his death, his compositions have been well represented on record, and many of his better-known works remain in the repertoire of British orchestras.

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