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Florent Schmitt

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Andantino for clarinet and piano (2)
Antoine et Cleopatre: Suite no.1 (2)
Antoine et Cleopatre: Suite no.2 (2)
A tour d'anches, op.97 (1)
Chansons (2), op.18 (1)
Chansons a quatre voix, op.39 (1)
Chant de guerre (1)
Chant du soir, op.7 (1)
Chants (3), op.98 (1)
Courtes Pieces (8), op.41 (2)
Crepuscules, op.56 (1)
En bonne voix (1)
Enfants, op.94 (1)
Feuillets de voyage, op.26 (3)
Habeyssee, op.110 (version for violin and piano) (1)
Hasards (for piano quartet), op.96 (2)
Humoresques, op.43 (2)
Introit, Recit et Conge, for cello and orchestra (1)
Kerob-Shal, op.67 (1)
La Tragedie de Salome, op.50bis (version for piano) (1)
La Tragedie de Salome, op.50bis (4)
Le Palais hante, op.49 (2)
Legende, op.66 (6)
Le petit elfe 'Ferme-l'oeil': Une semaine dansee, op.73 (1)
Lied et Scherzo, op.54 (2)
Lieds (4), op.45 (1)
Marche du 163e R.I., op.48 no.2 (1)
Melodies (3), op.4 (3)
Mirages, op.70 (4)
Musiques foraines, op.22 (2)
Ombres, op.64 (3)
Piano Quintet, op.51 (1)
Pieces (4), op.25 (1)
Pieces (7), op.15 (2)
Pieces recreatives (3), op.37 (2)
Pieces romantiques (2), op.42 (1)
Poemes (4) de Ronsard, op.100 (1)
Priere (Prelude in G minor), op.11 (1)
Psalm 47, op.38 (2)
Reflets d'Allemagne, op.28 (3)
Rhapsodie Parisienne (2)
Rhapsodies (3), op.53 (2)
Salammbo, op.76: Suites (3) (1)
Saxophone Quartet, op.102 (1)
Scherzo vif, op.59 (1)
Sextet for 5 clarinets and double bass, op.128 (1)
Sonata for Clarinet and Piano, op.30 (1)
Sonata libre, op.68 (2)
Sonatine en trio, op.85 (1)
Songe de Coppelius (1)
Suite en Rocaille, op.84 (1)
Suite en trois parties, op.133 (2)
Sur cinq notes, op.34 (2)
Symphony no.2, op.137 (1)
Tres lent (1)
Une semaine du petit elfe ferme-l'oeil, op.58 (4)
Valse-Nocturne no.1 (1)
Vocalise-Etude pour Erik Satie, op.130 (1)

Florent Schmitt (28 September 1870 – 17 August 1958) was a French composer.

Schmitt wrote 138 works with opus numbers. He composed examples of most of the major forms of music, except for opera. Today his most famous pieces are La tragédie de Salome and Psaume XLVII (Psalm 47). His piano quintet in B minor, written in 1908, helped establish his reputation. Other works include a violin sonata (Sonate Libre), a late string quartet, a saxophone quartet, Dionysiaques for wind band, and two symphonies. He was part of the group known as Les Apaches. His own style, recognizably impressionistic, owed something to the example of Debussy, though it had distinct traces of Wagner and Richard Strauss also.

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