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Mili Balakirev

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Au Jardin (In the Garden): Etude-idylle in D flat major (1)
Berceuse (5)
Capriccio in D major (1)
Caprice brillant en forme d'ouverture sur le theme de 'La jota aragonesa' de M Glinka (1)
Chant de pecheur in B minor (1)
Dumka (3)
Elegy on the Death of a Mosquito (compl. Nicholas Walker) (1)
Fandango-Etude (1)
Fantasiestuck in D flat major (1)
Gondellied in A minor (1)
Grand Fantasia on Russian Folksongs, op.4 (1)
Humoresque in D major (1)
Impromptu (after Chopin's Preludes) (1)
In Czechia: symphonic poem (1)
Islamey (orch. Lyapunov) (5)
Islamey (26)
King Lear: Overture (1)
La Danse des sorcieres (Witches' Dance) (compl. Nicholas Walker) (1)
La Fileuse (The Spinner) (1)
La Fuite en Eypte, ouverture de H Berlioz (1)
Mazurka no.1 in A Flat major (2)
Mazurka no.2 in C sharp minor (2)
Mazurka no.3 (arr. for guitar quartet by Viktor Sobolenko) (1)
Mazurka no.3 in B minor (1)
Mazurka no.4 in G flat major (2)
Mazurka no.5 in C sharp minor (1)
Mazurka no.6 in A flat major (3)
Mazurka no.7 in E flat minor (1)
Melodie espagnole (2)
Nocturne in G sharp minor (early version of Nocturne no.1) (1)
Nocturne no.1 in B flat minor (revised version) (1)
Nocturne no.2 in B minor (3)
Nocturne no.3 in D minor (2)
Novelette in A major (1)
Octet, op.3 (unfinished) (1)
Overture on 3 Russian Themes (1)
Overture on Czech Themes (1)
Paraphrase on Glinka's 'The Lark' (arr. Isabelle Moretti) (1)
Paraphrase on Glinka's 'The Lark' (2)
Piano Concerto no.1 in E minor, op.11 (Chopin) (2)
Piano Concerto no.1 in F sharp minor, op.1 (3)
Piano Concerto no.2 in E flat major, op.posth. (3)
Piano Sonata in B flat minor, op.3 'Grande Sonate' (1855) (1)
Piano Sonata in B flat minor, op.5 'Premiere Sonate' (1856) (1)
Piano Sonata in B flat minor (5)
Piano Sonata no.2 in B flat minor, op.102 (5)
Piano Sonatina in G major, 'Esquisses' (1)
Piece in F sharp minor (1)
Polka (arr. Shostakovich for 2 harps) (1)
Polka (arr. for guitar quartet by Viktor Sobolenko) (1)
Polka in F sharp minor (2)
Polonaise brillante (1)
Pustinya (The Wilderness) (version for solo piano) (1)
Reminiscences of Glinka's opera 'A Life for the Czar' (1)
Reverie in F major (3)
Romances (20) (1)
Romance (1)
Russia: symphonic poem (4)
Russian folk songs (30) for piano four hands (1)
Scherzo no.1 in B minor (2)
Scherzo no.2 in B flat minor (2)
Scherzo no.3 in F sharp minor (1)
Serenade espagnole sur des themes donnes par M Glinka (1)
Suite on Pieces by Chopin for orchestra (1)
Symphony no.1 in C major (5)
Symphony no.2 in D minor (3)
Tamara: symphonic poem (arr. Nicholas Walker for piano) (1)
Tamara: symphonic poem (10)
Tarantelle (1)
Toccata in C sharp minor (1)
Tyrolienne (1)
Valse-caprice no.1 in A flat major (after Taneyev) (1)
Valse-caprice no.2 in D flat major (after Taneyev) (1)
Waltz no.1 in G major (Valse di bravura) (2)
Waltz no.2 in F minor (Valse melancolique) (1)
Waltz no.3 in D major (Valse-impromptu) (1)
Waltz no.4 in B flat major (3)
Waltz no.5 in D flat major (1)
Waltz no.6 in F sharp minor (1)
Waltz no.7 in G sharp minor (1)

Mily Alexeyevich Balakirev (2 January 1837 [O.S. 21 December 1836] 29 May [O.S. 16 May] 1910) was a Russian pianist, conductor and composer known today primarily for his work promoting musical nationalism and his encouragement of more famous Russian composers, notably Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky. He began his career as a pivotal figure, extending the fusion of traditional folk music and experimental classical music practices begun by composer Mikhail Glinka. In the process, Balakirev developed musical patterns that could express overt nationalistic feeling. After a nervous breakdown and consequential sabbatical, he returned to classical music but did not wield the same level of influence as before.

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