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Charles Hubert Hastings Parry

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A Garland of Shakespearean and other Old-Fashioned Songs, op.21 (1)
A faithful lover (1)
An English Suite (4)
And yet I love her till I die (1)
Armida's Garden (1)
Blest Pair of Sirens (10)
Bridal March 'The Birds' (1)
Cello Sonata in A major (1)
Chorale Fantasia on 'The Old Hundredth' (1)
Chorale Prelude 'Eventide' (1)
Chorale Prelude 'Melcombe' (1)
Chorale on an Old English Tune (1)
Concertstuck in G minor (1)
Croft's 136th (2)
Crossing the bar 'Sunset and evening star' (5)
Dear Lord and Father of Mankind 'Repton' (arr. G Langford) (1)
Dear Lord and Father of Mankind 'Repton' (6)
Dirge in woods (1)
Early Pieces (2) (1)
Elegy for Brahms (2)
Elegy in A major (1)
England (1)
English Lyrics Set 1 (4) (2)
English Lyrics Set 2 (5) (4)
English Lyrics Set 3 (6) (4)
English Lyrics Set 4 (6) (5)
English Lyrics Set 5 (7) (5)
English Lyrics Set 6 (6) (6)
English Lyrics Set 7 (6) (4)
English Lyrics Set 8 (6) (4)
English Lyrics Set 9 (7) (3)
English Lyrics Set 10 (6) (4)
English Lyrics Set 11 (3)
English Lyrics Set 12 (7) (4)
Evening Service in D major 'The Great' (2)
Fantasia and Fugue in G major, op.188 (2)
Fantasia and Fugue in G major (1)
Fantasie Sonata in B major (1)
Freundschaftslieder (1)
From Death to Life (3)
From a city window (1)
Good Night (1)
Grosses Duo in E minor (1)
Hands across the Centuries (3)
Hear my words, ye people (9)
Hymn Tune Preludes (2) (1)
Hypatia: incidental music (1)
I believe it (1)
If thou would'st ease thine heart (1)
Invocation to Music (1)
I was glad (29)
Jerusalem (arr. David Ogden) (1)
Jerusalem (arr. Edward Elgar) (3)
Jerusalem (arr. G Langford) (1)
Jerusalem (arr. J G Hoff) (1)
Jerusalem (24)
Judith (3)
Julia (1)
La belle dame sans merci (1)
Lady Radnor's Suite (4)
Lay a garland on my hearse (1)
Long since in Egypt's plenteous land (1)
Lord, let me know mine end (1)
Love is a bable, op.152 no.3 (2)
Magnificat (1)
Miniatures (7) for violin and piano (1)
Modern Lyrics (6) (1)
More fond than Cushan Dove (1)
Music, when soft voices die (2)
Music (1)
My Heart is like a Singing Bird (1)
My soul, there is a country (7)
Nightfall in winter (1)
No longer mourn for me (1)
Ode on the Nativity (1)
Odes of Anacreon (3) (1)
On a time the amorous Silvy (1)
O never say I was false of heart (1)
O praise ye the Lord (3)
Overture to an Unwritten Tragedy (3)
Partita in D minor (2)
Piano Concerto in F sharp minor (1)
Piano Quartet in A flat major (1)
Piano Trio no.1 in E minor (1)
Piano Trio no.2 in B minor (2)
Piano Trio no.3 in G major (2)
Proserpine (A Short Ballet) (1)
Proud Maisie (1)
Psalm 84: O how amiable are thy dwellings (1)
Scherzo in C major (1)
Scherzo in F major (1)
She is my love beyond all thought (1)
Short Pieces (12) for violin and piano (1)
Shulbrede Tunes (3)
Sleep (1)
Songs of Farewell (excerpts, arr. Matthew Knight) (1)
Songs of Farewell (13)
Sonnets (4) by Shakespeare (2)
String Quartet no.1 (1)
String Quartet no.2 (1)
String Quartet no.3 (2)
String Quintet in E flat major (1)
Suite moderne (1)
Suite no.1 in D major (1)
Suite no.2 in F major (1)
Symphonic Variations in E minor (5)
Symphony no.1 in G major (2)
Symphony no.2 in F major 'Cambridge' (1)
Symphony no.3 in C major, 'English' (2)
Symphony no.4 in E minor (3)
Symphony no.5 in B minor 'Symphonic Fantasia' (1)
Take O take those lips away (1)
Te Deum (Coronation) (3)
The Birds of Aristophanes: Suite (1)
The Blackbird (1)
The Chivalry of the Sea (1)
The Glories of Our Blood and State (1)
The Great Service (1)
The Lotos-Eaters (1)
The Maiden (1)
The Poet's Song (1)
The Soul's Ransom (1)
Theme and 19 Variations in D minor (2)
There is an old belief (6)
The spirit of the spring (1)
Thine eyes still shined for me (1)
Through the Ivory Gate (1)
To Althea from prison (1)
To Lucasta on going to the wars (1)
Toccata and Fugue in G major 'The Wanderer' (1)
Under the greenwood tree (1)
Violin Sonata in D minor (1)
Violin Sonata no.1 in D major (1)
Weep no more sad fountains (2)
Welcome, Yule! (2)
What part of dread eternity (1)
When Christ was born of Mary free (1)
When comes my Gwen (1)
Who can dwell with greatness? (2)
Why so pale and wan? (1)
Ye little birds that sit and sing (1)

Sir Charles Hubert Hastings Parry, 1st Baronet (27 February 1848 – 7 October 1918) was an English composer, teacher and historian of music.

Parry's first major works appeared in 1880. As a composer he is best known for the choral song "Jerusalem", the coronation anthem "I was glad", the choral and orchestral ode Blest Pair of Sirens, and the hymn tune "Repton", which sets the words "Dear Lord and Father of Mankind". His orchestral works include five symphonies and a set of Symphonic Variations.

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