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Thomas Morley

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Absence, hear thou my protestation (1)
Alman (4)
A painted tale (2)
April is in my mistress' face (3)
Arise, awake, awake (2)
Can I forget what reasons force (1)
Canzonets for two voyces (1)
Come sorrow, come (1)
Crewell you pull away too soone (1)
Deep lamenting (1)
Eheu! They have taken Jesus my master (1)
Fancie (Fitzwilliam Virginal Book) (2)
Fantasia 'La caccia' (1)
Fantasia a 4 (Pelplin Tablature no.74) (1)
Fantasia (3)
Fantasie no.5 'Il lamento' (1)
First Booke of Consort Lessons (1)
» Dances
Fly, Love (1)
Funeral sentences (1)
Fyre! Fyre (3)
Goe from my Windowe (1)
Haec dies (1)
Hard by a Crystal Fountain (6)
Hould out my hart (1)
I am the resurrection and the life (1)
I heard a voice from heaven (2)
I know that my Redeemer liveth (1)
I love, alas, I love thee (1)
In Dew of Roses (1)
In the midst of life (2)
I saw my Ladye weeping (2)
It was a lover and his lass (7)
Joyne Hands (3)
La Coranto (arr. Ensemble Feuervogel) (1)
La Coranto (1)
La Girondola (1)
La Tortorella (1)
Laboravi in gemitu meo (1)
Lavolto (2)
Leave now mine eyes (1)
Let my complaint (1)
Man that is born of a woman (2)
My bonny lass she smileth (2)
Nancie (2)
No, no, Nigella (1)
Nolo mortem peccatoris (6)
Now is the gentle season (1)
Now is the month of maying (9)
O Mistress Mine (7)
Out of the deep (1)
Passamezzo: Pavan (1)
Pavan 3 (1)
Pavana and Galiarda (arr. David Gorton) (1)
Pavane and Galliard for lute in D minor (arr. Ferdinando Richardson for keyboard) (1)
Pavans and Galliards (1)
Pavan (1)
Sacred End Pavan (1)
See, see, myne owne sweet jewell (2)
Sleep, slumb'ring eyes (1)
The Frog Galliard (arr. Ensemble Feuervogel) (1)
The Lord Souches Maske (arr. Ensemble Feuervogel) (1)
The Sacred End Pavan (Morley) - Galliard to Sacred End (Baxter) (1)
The Wind and the Rain (1)
Thirsis and Milla (1)
Thou knowest, Lord, the secrets of our hearts (1)
We brought nothing into this world (1)
Who is it that this dark night (1)
With my love my life was nestled (1)