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Mieczyslaw Karlowicz

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A Sorrowful Tale 'Preludes to Eternity', op.13 (3)
Andante in F major (1)
Bianca da Molena, op.6 (3)
Chant de Mai (1)
Czasem, gdy dlugo (Sometimes, when half asleep I dream) (3)
Episode at a Masquerade, op.14 (completed by G Fitelberg) (2)
Episode at a Masquerade, op.14 (1)
Eternal Songs, op.10 (3)
Fugue in B flat major (1)
Impromptu (1)
Lithuanian Rhapsody, op.11 (3)
Najpiekniejsze piosnki (My most beautiful songs), op.4 (1)
O, nie wierz temu (Oh, donít believe it) (1)
Piano Sonata in B flat major (1)
Pod jaworem (Under the sycamore) (1)
Prelude and Double Fugue (1)
Rdzawe liscie strzasa z drzew (The autumn wind lays bare the trees) (1)
Returning Waves, op.9 (3)
Rondo III (1)
Rondo II (1)
Rondo I (1)
Serenade in C major, op.2 (3)
Sonatina in D minor (1)
Songs (6), op.1 (3)
Songs (10), op.3 (3)
Stanislaw and Anna Oswiecim, op.12 (3)
Symfonie odrodzenie (Rebirth Symphony), op.7 (1)
Symphony in E minor, op.7 'Rebirth' (2)
Uplywa dzien (1)
Violin Concerto in A major, op.8 (5)
Waltz in G major (1)
Z nowa wiosna (With the new Spring) (1)