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Carl Ditters von Dittersdorf

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Adagio non molto in F major (arr. for oboe and string ensemble) (1)
Andantino in G major (1)
Concerto for 2 violins in C major (1)
Double Bass Concerto in E flat major (1)
Double Bass Concerto no.1 in D major, Kr171 (1)
Double Bass Concerto no.2 in D major, Kr172 (1)
Duetto for viola and double bass, Kr219 (1)
Harp Concerto in A major (3)
Partita in D major (1)
Sinfonia Concertante for viola, double bass and orchestra, Kr127 (1)
Sinfonia in A minor (1)
Sonata 'Ajax et Ulysse' for piano 4 hands (1)
Sonata 'Hercule change en Dieu' for piano 4 hands (1)
Sonata 'Jason, qui emporte la toison d'or' for piano 4 hands (1)
String Quartet no.1 in D major (1)
String Quartet no.2 in B flat major (1)
String Quartet no.3 in G major (1)
String Quartet no.4 in C major (1)
String Quartet no.5 in E flat major (1)
String Quartet no.6 in A major (1)
String Quintet no.3 in C major (1)
String Quintet no.6 in G major (1)
String Trios (6) (1)
Symphony in A major, Grave A6 (1)
Symphony in A major, Grave A10 'Sinfonia nazionale nel gust di 5 nazioni' (1)
Symphony in A minor, Grave a2 'Il delirio delli compositori' (1)
Symphony in B flat major (1)
Symphony in D major, Grave D6 (1)
Symphony in D major, Grave D16 'Il combattimento delle passioni umani' (1)
Symphony in D minor, Grave d1 (1)
Symphony in E flat major, Grave Eb9 (1)
Symphony in F major, Grave F7 (1)
Symphony in G minor, Grave g1 (1)
Symphony no.1 in C major, 'Die vier Weltalter' (3)
Symphony no.2 in D major, 'Der Sturz Phaetons' (3)
Symphony no.3 in G major, 'Verwandlung Actaeons in einen Hirsch' (3)
Symphony no.4 in F major, 'Die Rettung der Andromeda durch Perseus' (3)
Symphony no.5 in D major, 'Die Versteinerung der Phineas und seiner Freunde' (3)
Symphony no.6 in A major, 'Verwandlung der lycischen Bauern in Frosche' (3)
Violin Concerto in G major (1)
Violone Concerto no.1 in E flat major (2)