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Judith Weir

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A Night at the Chinese Opera (1)
A Spanish Liederbooklet (1)
A blue true dream of sky (2)
Advent prose (1)
Airs from another Planet (2)
All the Ends of the Earth (2)
An mein klavier (1)
Ardnamurchan Point (1)
Arise! Arise! You slumbering sleepers (2)
Ascending Into Heaven (3)
Atlantic Drift (1)
Ave Regina caelorum (3)
Blond Eckbert (1)
Brighter visions shine afar (3)
Chorale, for Steve (1)
Chorales (3) for cello and piano (1)
Day Break Shadows Flee for solo piano (1)
Distance and Enchantment (1)
Don't let that horse (1)
Drop down, ye heavens, from above (8)
Ettrick Banks (3)
Forest (2)
Heroic Strokes of the Bow (1)
His mercy endureth for ever (1)
Holy Innocents (1)
Human Hymns (2) (2)
I Broke off a Golden Branch (1)
Illuminare, Jerusalem (arr. Andrew Parrott) (1)
Illuminare, Jerusalem (6)
King Harald's Saga (1)
Leaf from leaf Christ knows (1)
Like to the falling of a star (1)
Little tree (1)
Love bade me welcome (2)
Madrigal (1)
Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis 'St John's Service' (1)
Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis (1)
Michael's Strathspey (2)
Missa del Cid (1)
Moon and Star (1)
Mountain Airs (1)
Music for 247 Strings (1)
My Guardian Angel (2)
Natural History (1)
Nuits d'Afrique (1)
O mercy divine (1)
On Buying a Horse (1)
O viridissima for piano trio (1)
Ox Mountain Was Covered By Trees (1)
Piano Concerto (1)
Piano Quartet (1)
Piano Trio Two (1)
Piano Trio (1)
Psalm 148 (1)
Really? (1)
Scotch Minstrelsy (2)
Sevdalino, my little one (1)
Several Concertos (1)
Sketches from a Bagpiper's Album (1)
Songs from the Exotic (2)
St Alban (1)
Standchen (1)
Storm (1)
String Quartet (2)
Sumer is Icumen In (1)
The Art of Touching the Keyboard (2)
The Bagpiper's String Trio (2)
The Big Picture (1)
The King of France (1)
The Romance of Count Arnaldos (1)
The Song Sung True (1)
The Tree of Peace (1)
The Trees Unfold (1)
The True Light (1)
The Voice of Desire (1)
The Welcome Arrival of Rain (1)
The Wild Reeds (1)
Thread! (1)
Truly I tell you (1)
Vertue (2)
Wake Your Wild Voice (1)
Wild Mossy Mountains (3)
fragile (1)

Judith Weir CBE (born 11 May 1954) is a British composer and Master of the King's Music. She studied with Sir John Tavener whilst at school (North London Collegiate School)[2] and subsequently with Robin Holloway at King's College, Cambridge, graduating in 1976. Her music often draws on sources from medieval history, as well as the traditional stories and music of her parents' homeland, Scotland. Although she has achieved international recognition for her orchestral and chamber works, Weir is best known for her operas and theatrical works.

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