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Henry Lawes

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A Complaint against Cupid (1)
A Funeral Anthem (1)
A Lady to a young Courtier (1)
A Lover's Legacy (1)
A Pastoral Elegie: Cease you jolly shepherds (1)
A Tale out of Anacreon (1)
Airee (1)
Amarillis, by a spring (2)
Amintor's Welladay (1)
Among Rosebuds (1)
An Eccho (1)
Ariadne's Lament (2)
Bid me but live, and I will live (2)
Chloris dead, lamented by Amintor (1)
Cloches de Mr Gaultier (1)
Dissuasion from Presumption (1)
From the heav'ns now I fly (1)
Go lovely rose (2)
Hark, shepherd swains (1)
Have you e'er seen the morning sun? (1)
Her virgin eyes (1)
Hymn to God the Father (1)
Hymn to God the Holy Ghost (1)
Hymn to God the Son (1)
I prithee send me back my heart (1)
I rise and grieve (1)
Loves Sweet Repose: Amidst the myrtles as I walk (1)
No Constancy in Man (1)
No Reprieve: Now, now Lucasia, now make haste (3)
Oh, that joy so soon should waste (1)
Oh sweet woods, the delight of solitariness (1)
Or you, or I, nature did wrong (1)
O tell me love! O tell me fate! (1)
Out upon it, I have lov'd (1)
Parting (1)
Sleep soft, you cold clay cinders (2)
Slide soft you silver floods (4)
Suffrance (1)
Sweet Echo, sweetest nymph that liv'st unseen (1)
Sweet stay awhile, why do you rise? (3)
Tavola: In quel gelato core una voce (2)
The Angler's Song: Man's life is but vain, for 'tis subject to pain (1)
Transcendent beauty (1)
Wert thou yet fairer than thou art (2)
When shall I see my captive heart? (1)
When thou, poor excommunicate (1)
Whither are all her false oaths blown? (1)

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Il Canto della Sirena (The Sirens’ Song)
Il Canto della Sirena (The Sirens’ Song)


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Songs for Courtiers and Cavaliers
Songs for Courtiers and Cavaliers


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Sweeter Than Roses: Songs by Henry Purcell
Sweeter Than Roses: Songs by Henry Purcell


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A Cavalier Christmas
A Cavalier Christmas


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