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Leopold Kozeluch

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A Grand Scotch Sonata in D major, IX:D1 (1)
Blasersymphonie in D Major (1)
Cassation in E flat major (1)
Clarinet Concerto no.1 (1)
Clarinet Concerto no.2 (1)
Concerto for keyboard 4 hands in B flat major, P.IV:8 (1)
Fanfare (1)
Heil dem Monarchen, P.XIX:6 (Cantata for the Coronation of Leopold II) (1)
Josef der Menschheit Segen (cantata) (1)
Klage auf den Todt Marien Theresien (On the Death of Maria Theresa) (1)
Missa in C major (1)
Oboe Concerto in F major (1)
Octet (Parthia/Harmonie) in F major (1)
Octet concertante in B flat major (1)
Piano Concerto in D major (1)
Piano Concerto no.1 in F major (2)
Piano Concerto no.4 in A major (1)
Piano Concerto no.5 in E flat major (2)
Piano Concerto no.6 in C major (1)
Piano Sonata in A major, op.2 no.2 (2)
Piano Sonata in B flat major, op.2 no.1 (2)
Piano Sonata in C minor, op.2 no.3 (2)
Piano Sonata in D major, PXII:14 (2)
Piano Sonata in D major, op.1 no.3 (3)
Piano Sonata in E flat major, op.1 no.2 (2)
Piano Sonata in F major, op.1 no.1 (2)
Piano Sonata in F major, op.5 (2)
Piano Sonata no.9 in C major, op.8 no.1 (1)
Piano Sonata no.10 in F major, op.8 no.2 (1)
Piano Sonata no.11 in E flat major, op.10 no.1 (1)
Piano Sonata no.12 in C major, op.10 no.2 (1)
Piano Sonata no.13 in E flat major, op.13 no.1 (1)
Piano Sonata no.14 in G major, op.13 no.2 (1)
Piano Sonata no.15 in E minor, op.13 no.3 (1)
Piano Sonata no.16 in G minor, op.15 no.1 (1)
Piano Sonata no.17 in C major, op.15 no.2 (2)
Piano Sonata no.18 in A flat major, op.15 no.3 (2)
Piano Sonata no.19 in F minor, op.17 no.1 (2)
Piano Sonata no.20 in A major, op.17 no.2 (2)
Piano Sonata no.21 in E flat major, op.17 no.3, P.XII:22 (2)
Piano Sonata no.22 in F major, op.20 no.1, P.XII:23 (2)
Piano Sonata no.23 in C major, op.20 no.2, P.XII:24 (2)
Piano Sonata no.24 in D minor, op.20 no.3, P.XII:25 (2)
Piano Sonata no.25 in D major, op.26 no.1, P.XII:26 (2)
Piano Sonata no.26 in A minor, op.26 no.2, P.XII:27 (2)
Piano Sonata no.27 in E flat major, op.26 no.3, P.XII:28 (2)
Piano Sonata no.28 in B flat major, op.30 no.1, P.XII:29 (2)
Piano Sonata no.29 in G major, op.30 no.2, P.XII:30 (2)
Piano Sonata no.30 in C minor, op.30 no.3, P.XII:31 (2)
Piano Sonata no.31 in F major, op.35 no.1, P.XII:32 (2)
Piano Sonata no.32 in A major, op.35 no.2, P.XII:33 (2)
Piano Sonata no.33 in G minor, op.35 no.3, P.XII:34 (2)
Piano Sonata no.34 in E flat major, op.38 no.1, P.XII:35 (2)
Piano Sonata no.35 in C major, op.38 no.2, P.XII:36 (2)
Piano Sonata no.36 in F minor, op.38 no.3, P.XII:37 (2)
Piano Sonata no.37 in G major, P.XII:50 (2)
Piano Sonata no.38 in E flat major, op.51 no.1, P.XII:38 (2)
Piano Sonata no.39 in C minor, op.51 no.2, P.XII:39 (2)
Piano Sonata no.40 in D minor, op.51 no.3, P.XII:40 (2)
Piano Sonata no.41 in G major, op.53 no.1, P.XII:46 (2)
Piano Sonata no.42 in F major, op.53 no.2, P.XII:47 (2)
Piano Sonata no.43 in E flat major, op.53 no.3, P.XII:48 (2)
Piano Sonata no.44 in A major, P.XII:2 (2)
Piano Sonata no.45 in F major, P.XII:1 (2)
Piano Sonata no.46 in C major, P.XII:41 (2)
Piano Sonata no.47 in E flat major, P.XII:42 (2)
Piano Sonata no.48 in B flat major, P.XII:43 (2)
Piano Sonata no.49 in A major, P.XII:44 (2)
Piano Sonata no.50 in E minor, P.XII:45 (2)
Piano Sonatas nos 1-50 (complete) (1)
Piano Trio in A major, P.IX:8 (1)
Piano Trio in A major, P.IX:44 (1)
Piano Trio in A major (1)
Piano Trio in B flat major, P.IX:41 (1)
Piano Trio in C minor, P.IX:11 (1)
Piano Trio in E minor (1)
Piano Trio in F major, P.IX:12 (1)
Piano Trio in G minor, P.IX:45 (1)
Piano Trio in G minor (1)
Quaeso ad me veni, sponse divine (aria) (1)
Sextet no.3 in E flat major (1)
Sinfonia concertante (Quadruple Concerto) (2)
Sinfonia in A major 'A la francaise', P.I:10 (1)
Sinfonia in A major, op.24 no.2, P.I:7 (1)
Sinfonia in B flat major 'L'Irresolu', P.I:11 (1)
Sinfonia in C major, P.I:2 (1)
Sinfonia in C major, P.I:9 (1)
Sinfonia in C major, op.24 no.1, P.I:6 (1)
Sinfonia in D major, P.I:1 (1)
Sinfonia in D major, op.22 no.1, P.I:3 (2)
Sinfonia in F major, P.I:4 (1)
Sinfonia in G major, P.I:8 (1)
Sinfonia in G minor, op.22 no.3, P.I:5 (1)
Sonata in C major, IX:26 (1)
Sonata in C major, IX:32 (1)
Sonata in E minor, IX:33 (1)
Sonata in F major, IX:29 (1)
Sonate concertante (1)
Stopp-Steh-Wild-in-Sicht-Fanfare (1)
Symphony for winds in D major (1)
Symphony in D major (2)
Symphony in F major (2)
Symphony in G minor (3)
The Ancient Harmony (1)
Umbra noctis orbem tangit (aria) (1)
Wachtel-Fanfare (1)