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Joseph Jongen

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Adagio symphonique in B major, op.20 (1)
Allegro Appassionato, op.79 (1)
Andante Espressivo (1)
Aria et Polonaise, op.128 (3)
Calmes, aux quais deserts, op.54 (1)
Cello Concerto, op.18 (1)
Concertino for viola and piano, op.111 (1)
Concerto for woodwind quintet, op.124 (1)
Danse lente, op.54b (1)
Fantasia in E major, op.12 (1)
Flute Sonata, op.77 (1)
Harp Concerto, op.129 (1)
In memoriam (1)
Introduction et Danse, op.102 (2)
Lecture, for oboe and piano (1)
Les pauvres, op.64 (1)
Lied, for horn and piano (1)
Meditation, op.21 (2)
Melodies (2), op.45 (1)
Melodies (5), op.57 (1)
Melodies (6), op.25 (1)
Pages intimes, op.55 (version for orchestra) (1)
Parfum exotiques, op.29 (1)
Passacaglie et Gigue for orchestra, op.90 (1)
Petit Prelude (1)
Pieces (2), op.53 (1)
Pieces (2) en trio, op.80 (1)
Pieces (2) for cello quartet (1)
Pieces (2) for woodwind quintet, op.98 (1)
Pieces (2) pour orgue (1)
Pieces d'orgue (5), op.5 (1)
Poeme no.1 for cello and orchestra, op.16 (1)
Poeme no.2 for cello and orchestra, op.46 (1)
Prelude, habanera et allegro, op.106 (2)
Prelude elegiaque, op.47 no.1 (1)
Quand ton sourire me surprit, op.29 (1)
Rhapsody for flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, french horn and piano, op.70 (2)
Sarabande triste, op.58 (1)
Scherzetto, op.108 (1)
Sonata Eroica in C sharp minor, op.94 (9)
Suite for viola and orchestra, op.48 (1)
Symphonic Movements (3) (1)
Symphonie Concertante, op.81 (3)
Tableau gothique, op.29 (1)
Tableaux pittoresques, op.56 (1)
Toccata in D flat major, op.104 (1)
Violin Concerto in B minor, op.17 (1)
Vocalise-Etude 'Serenade' (1)

Recent Jongen releases

Transformations: Jongen, Dove, Liszt
Transformations: Jongen, Dove, Liszt


(Divine Art)

Organ Classics from King’s College
Organ Classics from King’s College



Musicians and the Great War Vol.11: Song of War
Musicians and the Great War Vol.11: Song of War



Sepia & Amaranth: Music by Pierne, Smit, Goossens & Jongen
Sepia & Amaranth: Music by Pierne, Smit, Goossens & Jongen



Orgue Heroique
Orgue Heroique


(Regent Records)