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Vagn Holmboe

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Accordion Sonata no.2, op.179a 'Burlesco' (1)
Aspects, op.72 (1)
Bagatelle 'Arabesque' (1)
Beatus parvo for choir and orchestra, op.117 (1)
Benedic Domino, op.59 (1)
Border Ballads (2) (1)
Brass Quintet no.1, op.79 (2)
Canto e Danza, op.191 (1)
Chamber Concerto no.1, op.1 (1)
Chamber Concerto no.1, op.17 (2)
Chamber Concerto no.2, op.20 (3)
Chamber Concerto no.3, op.21 (3)
Chamber Concerto no.4, op.30 (2)
Chamber Concerto no.5, op.31 (1)
Chamber Concerto no.6, op.33 (2)
Chamber Concerto no.7, op.37 (3)
Chamber Concerto no.8, op.38 'Sinfonia Concertante' (3)
Chamber Concerto no.9, op.39 (3)
Chamber Concerto no.10, op.40 (2)
Chamber Concerto no.11, op.44 (1)
Chamber Concerto no.12, op.52 (1)
Chamber Concerto no.13, op.67 (2)
Chamber Symphony no.1, op.53 (1)
Chamber Symphony no.2, op.100 'Elegy' (1)
Chamber Symphony no.3, op.103a 'Frise' (Frieze) (1)
Concerto For Brass, op.157 (1)
Concerto for Cello and Orchestra, op.120 (1)
Concerto for Flute and Orchestra no.1, op.126, M279 (1)
Concerto for Flute and Orchestra no.2, op.147, M307 (1)
Concerto for Recorder, Strings, Celesta and Vibraphone, op.122, M276 (1)
Concerto for Tuba and Orchestra, op.127, M280 (1)
Concerto for orchestra (1)
Concerto giocondo e severo, op.132 (1)
Concerto no.11, op.44, for trumpet and orchestra, M157 (1)
Den Galsindede Tyrk (The Ill-tempered Turk, Ballet Suite, op.32b (1)
Duo Concertato for violin and guitar (1)
Eco, op.186 (1)
Epilogue, op.80 (1)
Epitaph, op.68 (2)
Folk Ballads (7), for recorder and guitar (1)
Haiduc (Marauders), op.193 (1)
Intermezzo concertante, op.171 for tuba and orchestra, M332 (1)
Jeg ved en urt sa dejlig og bold (1)
Kairos (String Sinfonias I-IV), op.73 (2)
Molto allegro scherzando (1)
Monolith op.76 (1)
Notturno, op.19 (1)
Parlare del piu e del meno, for solo guitar (1)
Piano Trio, op.64 (1)
Piano Trio, op.129 'Nuigen' (2)
Prelude: To the Seagulls and the Cormorants, op.174, no.6 (1)
Quartetto Medico, op.70 (1)
Quartetto Sereno, op.197 (1)
Recorder Sonata, op.145 (1)
Reminiscences for violin solo (1)
Requiem for Nietzsche, op.84 (1)
Rumaensk Suite (Romanian Suite), op.12a (1)
Sextet, op.114 (1)
Sinfonia I, op.73a (2)
Sinfonia II, op.73b (1)
Sinfonia III, op.73c (1)
Sinfonia IV, op.73d (2)
Sinfonia in memoriam, op.65 (2)
Small Piano Pieces (1)
Sonata for cello solo, op.101 (2)
Sonata for solo flute, op.71 (1)
Sonata no.1 for solo guitar (1)
Sonata no.2 for solo guitar (1)
Sonatina Briosa, op.27 (1)
Speravi in Domino, op.61d (1)
String Quartet no.1, op.46 (2)
String Quartet no.2, op.47 (1)
String Quartet no.3, op.48 (2)
String Quartet no.4, op.63 (2)
String Quartet no.14, op.125 (1)
String Quartet no.15, op.135 (1)
String Quartet no.21 'Quartetto sereno', op.197 posth. (ed. Per Norgard) (1)
String Quartets nos.1-20 (complete) (1)
Suite for Piano, op.4 (1)
Suono de Bardo, op.49 (1)
Svaern, op.190b (1)
Symphony no.1 op.4 (2)
Symphony no.2. op15 (2)
Symphony no.3, op.25 'Sinfonia rustica' (2)
Symphony no.4 (2)
Symphony no.5 (2)
Symphony no.6, op.43 (2)
Symphony no.7, op.50 (3)
Symphony no.8, ip.56 'Sinfonia boreale' (2)
Symphony no.9, op.95 (2)
Symphony no.10, op.105 (2)
Symphony no.11, op.144 (2)
Symphony no.12, op.175 (2)
Symphony no.13, op.192 (2)
Tempo Variabile op.108 (1)
Triade, op.123 (1)
Trombone Concerto no.12, op.52, M169 (3)
Viola Concerto, op.189 (1)
Violin Concerto no.2, op.139 (1)
Violin Sonata no.1, op.2a (1)
Violin Sonata no.2, op.16 (1)
Violin Sonata no.3, op.89 (1)