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Eduard Tubin

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A Little March for Rana (1)
Album Leaf (1)
Ave Maria for male choir and organ (1)
Ballade for Violin and Orchestra (1)
Ballade on a Theme by Mart Saar, for piano (2)
Concertino for Piano and Orchestra (2)
Concerto for Balalaika and Orchestra (1)
Concerto for Double Bass and Orchestra (1)
Eleegia (Elegy) (1)
Estonian Dance Suite (1)
Estonian Folk Dances (3) (1)
Folk Songs (4) from my Country (1)
Lullaby (1)
Music for Strings (1)
Piano Quartet (in one movement) (1)
Piano Sonata no.1 (1)
Pieces (3) for Children (1)
Prelude (No. 1) (1)
Preludes (6) (1)
Preludes (7) (1)
Prelude solennel (1)
Requiem for Fallen Soldiers (1)
Sinfonietta on Estonian Motifs, ETW11 (1)
Sonata for Alto Saxophone and Piano (1)
Sonata for solo violin (1)
Sonata no.2 for violin and piano in Phrygian Key (1)
Sonatina in D minor (1)
String Quartet (1)
Suite from the ballet 'Kratt' (The Goblin) (2)
Suite on Estonian Shepherd Melodies, for piano (1)
Suite on Estonian dance tunes (1)
Symphony no.1 in C minor (2)
Symphony no.2, "Legendaire" (The Legendary) (2)
Symphony no.3 in D minor (2)
Symphony no.4 in A major, "Sinfonia lirica" (2)
Symphony no.5 in B minor (2)
Symphony no.6 (2)
Symphony no.7 (2)
Symphony no.8 (2)
Symphony no.9, ''Sinfonia semplice'' (2)
Symphony no.10 (2)
Taganejate sodurite laul (The Retreating Soldier's Song), for baritone, male choir and piano (1)
Toccata (2)
Valse Triste (1)
Variatsioonid eesti rahvaviisile (Variations on an Estonian Folk Tune) (1)
Violin Concerto no.1 (1)
Violin Concerto no.2 (1)

Recent Tubin releases

A Violin’s Life Volume 2: Music for the ‘Lipinski’ Strad
A Violin’s Life Volume 2: Music for the ‘Lipinski’ Strad