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Barbara Strozzi

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Amor dormiglione (4)
Amor non si fugge (1)
Arie a voce sola, op.8 (2)
Ariette a voce sola, op.6 (3)
Begl'occhi, bel seno, bei crini e bella bocca (1)
Cantata 'Presso un Ruscello Algente' (1)
Cantate, ariette e duetti, op.2 (2)
Che si puo fare (3)
Che v'ho fato (1)
Chiamata a nuovi amori (1)
Chiudi l'audaci labra (1)
Costume de' grandi (1)
Diporti di Euterpe, Op.7 (3)
Gagliarda terza (1)
Gite, o giorni dolenti (1)
Giusta negativa (1)
Il Romeo (1)
L'Astratto (1)
L'Eraclito amoroso (13)
L'amante bugiardo (1)
L'amante consolato (1)
L'amante segreto (4)
La Travagliata (2)
La fanciulletta semplice (1)
Lagrime mie (3)
Lamento del Marchese Cinq-Mars (1)
Lamento (1)
La sol fa, mi, re, do (1)
La vendetta (arr. Shannon Lowe) (1)
La vendetta (1)
Le tre Grazie a Venere (2)
Lilla Crudele ad onta d'amore (2)
Lilla mia, non ti doler (1)
Madrigali, op.1 (1)
Mascara (1)
Merce di voi (2)
Mi fa rider la speranza (1)
Mordeva un bianco lino (1)
O Maria (1)
Salve Regina (1)
Sete pur fastidioso (1)
Se volete cosi me ne contento (1)
Tra le speranze e'l timore (2)
Udite amanti (1)

Barbara Strozzi (also called Barbara Valle; baptised 6 August 1619  – 11 November 1677) was an Italian Baroque singer and composer. Born in Venice, Barbara was adopted and baptized into the Strozzi family. She was most likely illegitimate, the daughter of Giulio Strozzi and Isabella Garzon, his long-time servant and heir. Giulio encouraged his daughter's talent, even creating an academy in which Barbara’s performances could be validated and displayed publicly. He seemed to be interested in exhibiting her considerable vocal talents to a wider audience. However, her singing was not her only talent. She was also compositionally gifted, and her father arranged for her to study with composer Francesco Cavalli. Strozzi died in Padua in 1677 aged 58. She is believed to have been buried at Eremitani.

Strozzi was said to be "the most prolific composer - man or woman - of printed secular vocal music in Venice in the Middle of the century." Her output is also unique in that it only contains secular vocal music, with the exception of one volume of sacred songs. Her compositions are firmly rooted in the seconda pratica tradition. Strozzi’s music evokes the spirit of Cavalli, heir of Monteverdi. However, her style is more lyrical, and more dependent on sheer vocal sound.

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