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Anton Reicha

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Adagio for cor anglais and wind quartet in D minor (2)
Adagio for cor anglais and wind quartet in E flat major (1)
Allegro in E flat major (1)
Andante in G major (1)
Clarinet Concerto in G minor (1)
Duo for bassoon and piano (1)
Etude de Piano ou 57 Variations sur un meme theme, suivies d'un Rondeau, op.102 (1)
Etudes dans le genre fugue, op.97 (2)
Etudes ou Exercises, op.30 (Book 1) (1)
Etudes ou Exercises, op.30 (Book 2) (1)
Famtasie in B flat major (1)
Fantaisie in E mino/major, op.61 (1)
Fantaisie sur un theme de Girolamo Frescobaldi (1)
Fantasie in C major (1)
Fantasies (2), op.59 (1)
Flute Sonata in D major, op.103 (1)
Fugues (6), op.81 (1)
Fugues (36) for pianoforte, op.36 (1)
Grand Quatuor concertant in E flat major, op.104 (1)
Grande Sonate in C major (1)
Grande Sonate in E flat major (1)
Grande Symphonie de Salon no.1 in D major (1)
Introduction and Rondo for Horn and Orchestra in F (1)
Introduction and Variations on a Theme by Dittersdorf for Clarinet and Orchestra in B (1)
L'Art de varier ou 57 variations pour le piano, op.57 (1)
L'Espiegle - Allegro scherzando (1)
Lenore (1)
Missa pro defunctis (Requiem) (2)
Movements (4) for wind quintet in F minor (1)
Octet in E flat major, op.96 (1)
Overture in D major (1)
Piano Sonata in D major (1)
Piano Sonata in F major on a Theme of Mozart (1)
Piano Sonatas (3), op.46 (1)
Piano Trio in C major, op.101 no.3 (1)
Piano Trio in D minor, op.101 no.2 (1)
Piano Trio in E flat major, op.101 no.1 (1)
Pieces (3) for Cor Anglais and Wind Quartet (1)
Practische Beispiele (1)
Quintet for bassoon and string quartet in B flat major (1)
Quintet for clarinet and string quartet in B flat major, op.89 (2)
Quintet for flute and string quartet in A major, op.105 (1)
Quintet for horn and string quartet in E major, op.106 (2)
Quintet for oboe and string quartet in F major, op.107 (2)
Rondeau no.2 in F major (1)
Sinfonia Concertante for 2 cellos and orchestra in E major (1)
Sinfonia Concertante for flute, violin and orchestra in G major (2)
String Quartet in C major, op.48 no.1 (1)
String Quartet in C minor, op.49 no.1 (1)
String Quartet in E flat major, op.48 no.3 (1)
String Quartet in G major, op.48 no.2 (1)
Symphony in E flat major, op.41 (2)
Theme and Variations for bassoon and orchestra in G major (1)
Wind Quintets (6), op.88 (5)
Wind Quintets (6), op.91 (3)
Wind Quintets (6), op.99 (1)
Wind Quintets (6), op.100 (2)