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Amy Beach

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A Cradle Song of the Lonely Mother, op.108 (1)
A Hermit Thrush at Eve, op.92 no.1 (4)
A Hermit Thrush at Morn, op.92 no.2 (3)
A Mirage, op.100 no.1 (1)
A September Forest (1)
A bit of Cairo (1)
Browning Songs (3), op.44 (1)
By the still waters, op.114 (1)
Cabildo, op.149 (1)
Canzonetta, op.48 no.4 (1)
Chanson d'amour (1)
Choral Responses (3), op.8 (2)
Compositions (3) for violin and piano, op.40 (1)
Dark is the Night, op.11 no.1 (1)
Ecstasy, op.19 no.2 (1)
Elle et moi, op.21 no.3 (1)
Fantasia Fugata, op.87 (1)
Far Awa' (1)
From Blackbird Hills, op.83 (2)
From Grandmother's Garden, op.97 (1)
From six to twelve, op.119 (1)
Give Me Not Love, op.61 (1)
Improvisations (5), op.148 (1)
In the Twilight, op.85 (1)
Invocation, op.55 (1)
Jeune fille et jeune fleur, op.1 no.3 (1)
Les Reves de Columbine: Suite Francaise, op.65 (1)
Meadow-larks (1)
Moderato (1)
Nahe des Geliebten, op.35 no.3 (1)
Nocturne, op.107 (1)
Out of the depths, op.130 (1)
Pastorale, op.151 (2)
Piano Concerto in C sharp minor, op.45 (3)
Piano Quintet in F sharp minor, op.67 (2)
Piano Trio in A minor, op.150 (7)
Pianoforte Pieces (3), op.128 (2)
Pieces (2), op.102 (1)
Pieces (2) for flute, cello and piano, op.90 (1)
Prelude and Fugue, op.81 (1)
Rendezvous (1)
Romance for violin and piano, op.23 (7)
Romance (2)
Scottish Legend, op.54 no.1 (2)
Shakespeare Choruses (3), op.39 (1)
Shakespeare Songs (3), op.37 (2)
Sketches (4), op.15 (arr. for Cello and Piano) (1)
Sketches (4), op.15 (2)
Songs (2), op.100 (1)
Songs (3), op.21 (1)
Songs (4), op.51 (3)
Songs (4), op.56 (1)
Stella Viatoris, op.100 no.2 (1)
String Quartet, op.89 (1)
Symphony in E minor, op.32 'Gaelic Symphony' (2)
The Blackbird (1)
The Fair Hills of Eire, op.91 (1)
The Lotos Isles (1)
The Old Chapel by Moonlight, op.106 (1)
The Thrush (1)
Theme and variations in A minor, op.80 (2)
Tyrolean Valse-Fantaisie, op.116 (1)
Violin Sonata in A minor, op.34 (3)

Amy Marcy Cheney Beach (September 5, 1867 – December 27, 1944) was an American composer and pianist. She was the first successful American female composer of large-scale art music. As a pianist, she was acclaimed for concerts she gave in the United States and in Germany.

A member of the "Second New England School" or "Boston Group," she is the lone female considered alongside composers John Knowles Paine, Arthur Foote, George Chadwick, Edward MacDowell, George Whiting, and Horatio Parker. Her writing is mainly in a Romantic idiom, often compared to that of Brahms or Rachmaninov. In her later works she experimented, moving away from tonality, employing whole tone scales and more exotic harmonies and techniques.

Beach's compositions include a one-act opera, Cabildo, and a variety of other works. She was most popular, however, for her songs, of which she wrote about 150. In the early 1890s, Beach started to become interested in folk songs. She shared that interest with several of her colleagues, and this interest soon came to be the first nationalist movement in American music.

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