Sviridov - Piano Trio, Piano Quintet, Romance | C-AVI AVI8553375

Sviridov - Piano Trio, Piano Quintet, Romance


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Label: C-AVI

Cat No: AVI8553375

Format: CD

Number of Discs: 1

Genre: Chamber

Release Date: 24th November 2017



Beethoven Trio Bonn
Artur Chermonov (violin)
Vladimir Babeshko (viola)


Sviridov, Georgii

Piano Quintet in B minor
Piano Trio in A minor
The Snowstorm (The Blizzard)
» Romance (arr. for piano trio)


Beethoven Trio Bonn
Artur Chermonov (violin)
Vladimir Babeshko (viola)


Georgy Sviridov’s most impressive musical works featured the human voice: romances, cantatas, oratorios, and hymns. His instrumental chamber music is less well-known, but makes up a valuable and essential portion of his musical legacy. If we divide music into three types according to Boethius, we can affirm that musica humana is well and alive in Sviridov’s musica instrumentalis. The result is actually a new synthesis, equivalent to what we conventionally call musica mundanа, “universal music”. With that term we certainly do not mean World Music – which has resulted from cultural globalization – since Sviridov, quite to the contrary, was a down-to-earth, authentic Russian composer. All of this confirms the time-honoured, well-known truth that the world only starts interesting itself for an artist when his art draws its authentic roots from folk culture.

Sviridov wrote most of his piano pieces and instrumental music at a time when he was bringing his unmistakeable individual style and unique artistic approach to full fruition. Today, that style is admired as a harmonious blend between Russian folk music traditions, “universal music”, and certain progressive 20th-century ideas (which Sviridov only applied quite selectively). The period when he wrote the larger portion of his instrumental output corresponded with a time of great historical distress. He finished his studies under Shostakovich at Leningrad Conservatory in June 1941, shortly after Hitler invaded the Soviet Union. During the very first days of the war, Sviridov was enrolled in a military academy. Later on that same year, he was dismissed from the army due to extreme myopia and transferred to the city of Novosibirsk, where the Leningrad Philharmonic had been evacuated….

– from liner notes by Iossif Rajsskin

Beethoven Trio Bonn assembles three high calibre musician, two from Russia and the pianist from South Korea, developing their career step by step playing at various festivals

Beethoven Trio Bonn:
- Mikhail Ovrutsky (violin)
- Grigory Alumyan (cello)
- Jinsang Lee (piano)

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