Feldman - Trio | Hat Hut HATNOWART155

Feldman - Trio


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Label: Hat Hut


Format: CD

Number of Discs: 1

Genre: Chamber

Release Date: 20th October 2017



Ives Ensemble


Feldman, Morton



Ives Ensemble


‘Feldman’s canvas contains sparse, isolated tones and commentary in an environment of heightened concern. (Concern negates the idea that Feldman’s music embodies an existential void.) Concern creates tension, energized by the composer’s sense of responsibility, and desire. The music sounds familiar at times, where a motif occurs and is not forgotten, but returns in another place in another guise. Or multiple motifs (each instrument’s persona! statement) are reassembled into something resembling something else, or only itself. Even Feldman’s repetition is never exact, as there are slight shifts in weight, shade, density, intensity. And when, eventually, the music ends, it just ends, for no need, or reason, with no explanation, no answers.’ – Art Lange


Clocking in at 76 minutes, the Ives [Ensemble] performance is relatively swift – a version on the Mode label, released seven years ago, lasts almost half as long again – but that only reinforces the sense of unease underpinning the whole work, with its unstable rhythms, constant dissonances, and repeatedly thwarted cadences. It demonstrates what a mysterious, unsettling piece the Trio is, with moments of rapt beauty alongside music that either obsesses on a single chord or comes close to disintegrating.  Andrew Clements
BBC Music Magazine 19 October 2017

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