Feldman - For John Cage | Hat Hut HATNOWART160

Feldman - For John Cage


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Label: Hat Hut


Format: CD

Number of Discs: 1

Genre: Chamber

Release Date: 24th March 2017



Josje ter Haar (violin)
John Snijders (piano)


Feldman, Morton

For John Cage


Josje ter Haar (violin)
John Snijders (piano)


Morton Feldman stated, “The degrees of stasis, found in a Rothko or Guston, were perhaps the most significant elements I brought to my music from painting. For me, stasis, scale, and pattern have put the whole question of symmetry and asymmetry in abeyance.” … Typically, as is the case in For John Cage, Feldman presents a pattern (or sequence) of notes and/or chords, and may repeat them an unpredictable and asymmetrical number of times, until they are succeeded by the next pattern, but the pattern is never developed, reorganized, or manipulated in any conventional fashion. Thus successive patterns are linked (or woven) together in an ongoing fabric of music, and an individual pattern may appear to be static, unchanging, unmoving. This is an illusion, however, since movement may be alternately measured by speed, emphasis (or attack), and (instrumental) color. – Art Lange

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