Dvorak - Symphony no.2 | Arta F10220

Dvorak - Symphony no.2


Label: Arta

Cat No: F10220

Format: CD

Number of Discs: 1

Genre: Orchestral

Release Date: 16th June 2017



Musica Florea


Marek Stryncl


Dvorak, Antonin

Symphony no.2 in B flat major, op.4


Musica Florea


Marek Stryncl


Dvořįk composed his Symphony No.2 in B flat major (one of his least familiar symphonic works) in 1865 aged 23, while facing the reality of a doomed love affair. It is an extensive piece, lasting in performance over fifty minutes. Not that Dvořįk heard his youthful composition immediately: he waited until 1888 for its first performance. By which time he had made extensive revisions.

For their latest release on Arta, which continues an ongoing series of Dvořįk symphonies, Musica Florea conducted by Marek Štryncl perform Dvořįk's original version of the Symphony, on a world premiere recording using period instruments. These give the music a very special sound that is unlike that of a modern symphony orchestra.

The journal, Dalibor, noted in its review of the premiere performance that Dvořįk's Symphony is "outstanding both for its great wealth of melody and its ingenious handling of the masses of orchestral sound".

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