Enjott Schneider - Erdgebunden (Earthbound) | Wergo WER51122

Enjott Schneider - Erdgebunden (Earthbound)


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Label: Wergo

Cat No: WER51122

Format: CD

Number of Discs: 1

Genre: Orchestral

Release Date: 20th November 2015



Nature, as an untamed world little touched by human civilization, has always been a source of inspiration for painters, musicians and poets. The eternal and unchanging natural cycle of growth and decay has always been seen as a reflection of the divine or the 'Great Spirit'. In fairy tales, myths and sagas, people have sought for thousands of years to make the secrets of creation comprehensible and directly accessible.

The compositions of Enjott Schneider on this CD approach nature in various ways: In the Seventh Symphony 'Dunkelwelt Untersberg' [The Dark World of Untersberg], the myths surrounding a legendary table mountain in the Alps are examined musically. 'Naturklänge' [Sounds of Nature] is about pure sound as a natural phenomenon and about Claude Debussy’s impressive experience of the world, with the fascination with the 'sea' expressing here the connection we feel to our planet Earth.

In the two orchestral suites, being 'bound to the earth' is expressed as a love for a native land or landscape. In 'Herbstmilch' [Autumn Milk], it is the homeland of Lower Bavaria; in 'Flucht' [Flight], it is the magical spaciousness of East Prussia. Home is any place where people are able to be a speechless part of nature - as a Siberian saying says, “Home is not where you know the trees, but where the trees know you”! The music for this film received the German Television Prize for Best Film Score in 2009. Viktor Rotthaler wrote in the Neue Musikzeitung (3/2007): “With his wonderful melancholy score for 'Die Flucht', Enjott Schneider has in any case achieved a great triumph … a score orchestrated with great finesse.”

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