Debussy - Preludes Books 1 & 2 | Naive V5415

Debussy - Preludes Books 1 & 2

Label: Naive

Cat No: V5415

Format: CD

Number of Discs: 1

Genre: Instrumental

Release Date: 30th October 2015



Francesco Piemontesi (piano)


Debussy, Claude

Preludes (12), Book 1
Preludes (12), Book 2


Francesco Piemontesi (piano)


Francesco Piemontesi’s third recording on naïve is dedicated to Debussy’s complex and fascinating 'Préludes', in which he is recognised as one of the specialists worldwide today. Francesco Pie-montesi has based his work on this essential composition upon a new edition Durand-Salabert-Eschig, co-directed by renowned French piano music scholar Roy Howatt.

Some years ago, my teacher Cécile Ousset revealed to me that she is the owner of her teacher’s copy of Debussy’s Préludes. This score is simply overwhelming: remarks, phrasings, fingerings are written in different colours and layers over every note and every chord, with comments and remarks on even the tiniest details. In some places, there are fine black letters which are almost impossible to decipher: apparently, the handwriting of Claude Debussy.

For me, as a young musician, this has been an important lesson on how details need to be taken seriously. I have the feeling that the music of ‘Monsieur Croche’ especially is revealed when this degree of subtlety is achieved...His works challenge the performer in myriad ways: they are technically demanding, but in addition to virtuosic pianism, Debussy requires an equally virtuosic handling of colours, shading and character. In 20th century music, this is not always a matter of course.” - Francesco Piemontesi

His playing took the breath away. He combined the black and white notes of Brouillards to create soft grey tonalities, and went on to dazzle us with a won-derful range of effects in which a flawless technique was put to the service of some very original interpretations.” - The Independent (on Francesco Piemontesi performing the Préludes)


In a crowded field with many classic performances, Piemontesi brings a new perspective. Christopher Dingle
BBC Music Magazine February 2016

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