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Samuel Scheidt - Ludi Musici


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Label: Ricercar

Cat No: RIC360

Format: CD

Number of Discs: 1

Release Date: 16th October 2015





Francois Joubert-Caillet


Scheidt, Samuel

Ludi Musici (1621)




Francois Joubert-Caillet


Samuel Scheidt was one of the most complete composers of his generation. An organist, he composed sacred music and instrumental music that is at a crossroads, combining the Lutheran polyphonic tradition and all the influences of Italian music and the style of Monteverdi.

The dances and canzone contained in his Ludi Musici (1621) do not avoid this mixture of styles, being both the legacy of late-Renaissance models and the reflection of the new virtuosity initiated by the Italians. These pieces are indeed intended for viola da gamba, which still enjoyed considerable success in Germany at that time.

Track Listing:
1. Canzon super Cantionem Gallicam (XXIX) a 5
2. Paduan (VI) a 4
3. Galliard (VIII) a 4
4. Courant (XI) a 4
5. Alamande (XVI) a 4
6. Paduan (V) a 4
7. Courant (XIII) a 4
8. Galliard (VII) a 4
9. Canzon ad imitationem Bergamasca Anglica (XX) a 5
10. Galliard (XXV) a 5
11. Courant (XIX) a 4
12. Galliard Battaglia (XXI) a 5
13. Paduan Dolorosa (IV) a 4
14. Courant (X) a 4
15. Courant Dolorosa (IX) a 4
16. Canzon super O Nachbar Roland (XXVIII) a 5

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