A Hand for Holmboe: Deconstructions by Katrine Ring | Dacapo 8226569

A Hand for Holmboe: Deconstructions by Katrine Ring


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Label: Dacapo

Cat No: 8226569

Format: CD + DVD

Number of Discs: 2

Release Date: 30th July 2012



The Danish DJ, composer and producer Katrine Ring is one of the few DJs at the international level who has specialized in classical music. On this album she remixes and deconstructs a number of chamber concertos by the composer Vagn Holmboe (1909-96) in a musical game of hide-and-seek that breathes new life into the works in a constant play of memory and recognition.

The original recordings by the Danish National Chamber Orchestra and the conductor Hannu Koivula are included as a bonus CD.

Katrine Ring has worked with classical music since 2006 as a member of the Danish fraction of the German DJ and clubbing concept Yellow Lounge. Since 2010 she has also been artistic director of Yellow Lounge in Denmark and has introduced the mini-concert where she improvises with classical musicians. As a composer she works with real-world sounds, computer and effects for both concerts and audio productions.

Deconstructions by Katrine Ring:
1. A Nice Cup of Tea, Please!
Chamber Concerto no.4, 2nd movement – Deconstruction

2. Kaningrin (Rabbit Laughter)
Chamber Concerto no.4, 1st movement – Deconstruction

3. Skynd dig! (Hurry Hurry)
Chamber Concerto no.1, 2nd movement – Deconstruction

4. Helikopter (Helicopter)
Chamber Concerto no.8, 1st movement – Deconstruction

5. Fuglene (The Birds)
Chamber Concerto no.2, 1st movement – Deconstruction

6. Undervejs (Ongoing)
Chamber Concerto no.7, 2nd movement – Deconstruction

7. Bjørnen kommer (The Bear is Coming)
Chamber Concerto no.6, 1st movement – Deconstruction

8. Avra for Laura (Na na na na na)
Chamber Concerto no.9, 3rd movement – Deconstruction

9. Vagn og Gunnar ryger pibe (Vagn and Gunnar Smoking Pipes)
Composition and production: Katrine Ring

10. Vagn og Gunnar ryger pibe (Vagn and Gunnar Smoking Pipes) (Basic jump style)
Composition and production: Katrine Ring

Bonus CD: Original tracks from Vagn Holmboe's chamber concertos
1. Chamber Concerto no.4, op.30 – II Andante un poco tranquillo
2. Chamber Concerto no.4, op.30 – I Allegro non troppo, ma con brio
3. Chamber Concerto no.1, op.17 – II Molto allegro
4. Chamber Concerto no.8, op.38 “Sinfonia Concertante” - I Allegro con brio
5. Chamber Concerto no.2, op.20 – I Allegro con brio
6. Chamber Concerto no.7, op.37 – II Allegretto con moto
7. Chamber Concerto no.6, op.33 – I Andante-Allegro con brio
8. Chamber Concerto no.9, op.92 – III Finale: Allegro

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