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Street Fighter Alpha 3 - Capcom Sound Team | Laced Records LMLP82

Street Fighter Alpha 3
Capcom Sound Team

12" Album


Label: Laced Records

Cat No: LMLP82

Number of Discs: 3

Expected Release Date: 8th April 2022

Item is currently due 8th April 2022.

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Track Listing

Track Listing

Disc 1
1Nobody Blink (Opening Title)
2Triumph (Ranking Display)
3Who'll Be Your Double? (Character Select)
4Beginning (Story Demo 1)
5The Road (Ryu's Theme)
6Active Red (Ken's Theme)
7Resolution (Chun-Li's Theme)
8Performance (Dan's Theme)
9Proof of Divinity (Adon's Theme)
10Shining One (Sagat's Theme)
11Behind You (Birdie's Theme)
12Feel the Cool (Akuma's Theme)
13Fatal Depth (M. Bison's Theme)
14Way to the Glory (Winning/versus)
15Decisive Bout (Charlie's Theme)
Disc 2
1No More Swingin' (Guy's Theme)
2Tower of Shogun (Sodom's Theme)
3Doll Eyes (Cammy's Theme)
4Heavy Swell (Zangief's Theme)
5Praying (Dhalsim's Theme)
6Simple Rating (Karin's Theme)
7Prepare (Here Comes a New Challenger!)
8Gimmick (Rolento's Theme)
9Stripes (Cody's Theme)
10Kakugo (Sodom's Theme - X-ISM)
11Mach-smasher (E. Honda's Theme)
12Scala (Rose's Theme)
13Crimson (Vega's Theme)
Disc 3
1Untamable Fists (Balrog's Theme)
2I'll Be Brief (Story Demo 2)
3Prismatic Stars (R. Mika's Theme)
4Breeze (Sakura's Theme)
5Wild Nature (Blanka's Theme)
6Moments (Gen's Theme)
7Groan (Shin Akuma's Theme)
8High-tech (Juli & Juni's Theme)
9Seek No Escape (Final Round Theme)
10Black Power (Evil Ryu's Theme)
11Last Duel (Story Demo 3)
12Brave Or Grave (Final M. Bison Theme)
13Daybreak (Ending & Staff Roll)
14Rise Again (Continue)
15Zero Time (Game Over)
16Narration Collection

Preview Tracks

Preview Tracks

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