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Onyx was started in May 2005 by Chris Craker (founder of the Black Box label) and Paul Moseley, for many years a senior executive at Decca. They are a premium quality, artist-led label, their aim being to primarily to record classical artists who are already well-known world-wide (often with previous recording contracts with ímajorí labels), but who now wish to take more control of their recording careers. Onyxís relationships with artists are true collaborations, enabling them to choose, over and above their music-making of course, exactly how much ownership, control and involvement in the project they want. They donít insist on exclusivity, preferring a good relationship to develop based on results, not promises. Because they keep overheads and costs low, they can green-light ideas that others would reject. They claim to make írecords that deserved to be made, from artists who deserve to be heardí.


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Beethoven - Cello Sonatas (Vinyl LP)

Onyx ONYXSET4196
LP (3 discs)

Beethoven - Cello Sonatas (Vinyl LP)


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Artists: Leonard Elschenbroich (cello), Alexei Grynyuk (piano)

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