Le Maitre de Fricassee: Secular music of Jean Japart | Christophorus CHR77353

Le Maitre de Fricassee: Secular music of Jean Japart


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Label: Christophorus

Cat No: CHR77353

Format: CD

Number of Discs: 1

Release Date: 14th November 2011



Jean Japart remains one of the great unknowns of the Franco-Flemish school of the late 15th century, despite the fact that his music contains unexpected turns, daring harmony and bold movement structures. All that we know about Japart’s life is that he was employed for a certain period (1447-1480?) at the court in Ferrara. He must have been well-known during his lifetime as the great Josquin Desprez honours him in a personal motet lamenting his death.

What is more, the famous Venetian printer Ottaviano Petrucci includes the extravagant total of 23 pieces (!) by Japart in his collections of music by the best-known composers in Europe of the time. Japart’s extraordinary contrapuntal skills are displayed in elaborate quodlibets (Fr. fricassées), in which several existing and mostly well-known melodies are skilfully combined, forming a musical Gordian knot. Another of his specialities is the enigma canon, a form which he carries to extremes in his eccentric constructions.

In this recording, the ensemble Les Flamboyants, directed by the recorder player Michael Form, present (almost) the complete works of this master, interspersed by a number of comparative works by other contemporary masters such as Josquin, Obrecht and Busnoys.

Jean Japart
- Il est de bonne heure, Lomme armé, Amours fait mult, Tant que nostre argent, Tan bien mi son pensa, Pour passer temps, Plus ne chasceray, Questa se chiama, Jay biens nori, Helas quel e a mon gre, Fortuna d’un gran tempo, De tous biens playne, Je cuide se ce tamps dure, Je cuide, De tous biens

-  L’omme armé, Fortuna dun gran tempo, Se congié prens

- Tant que nostre argent durra

- Jay pris amours

- Fortuna d’un gran tempo

De Vigne
- Franc coeur qu’as tu, Fortuna dun gran tempo

- De tous biens playne

- L’homme armé, Helas quel e a mon gre, J’ai pris amours, Si congié prens

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