Frottole: Songs from the Courts of Renaissance Italy | Pan Classics PC10246

Frottole: Songs from the Courts of Renaissance Italy


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Label: Pan Classics

Cat No: PC10246

Format: CD

Number of Discs: 1

Genre: Vocal/Choral

Release Date: 1st August 2011



The frottola was the predominant Italian secular song of the late 15th and early 16th-centuries and the most important and widespread predecessor of the madrigal. The simplicity of the melodic line, usually entrusted to a soprano part, and the relatively few contrapuntal lines of the other parts made this repertory for solo voices and lute a popular pastime.

Due to improvements in the printing process, more than two dozen books of frottole appeared in print between 1504 and 1531, courtesy of Petrucci and his contemporaries, which contributed to this diffusion and influence.

This recording showcases a variety of composers and poets, moods and instrumental combinations. In addition to frottole, we hear instrumental music and dances interspersed.

The Modena Consort is one of the few ensembles to perform Renaissance polyphony on contemporary transverse flutes. The group was founded in 1998 in The Hague, and consists of soprano Ulrike Hofbauer, a four-part flute consort and a lute player. The consort has performed in various venues and festivals in Holland, Belgium, France and Switzerland. Hofbauer has been a frequent collaborator with L’arpeggiata & Cristina Pluhar.

- TROMBONCINO: Occhi miei lassi, Vale diva, Su su leva, Dolci ire
- CARA: Io non compro, Per dolor me bagno el viso
- BROCCO: Se mia trista e dura sorte
- OBRECHT: La turturella, Rumfeltier
- HESDIMOIS: Tucto il mundo è fantasia
- COMPERE: Alons ferons barbe
- ISAAC: Benedictus
- BRUMEL: Noe noe noe
- URREDE: Nunqua fue pena maior
- CAPIROLA: Stavasi amor dormendo
- JOSQUIN des Prèz: Una musca
- BOSSINENSIS: Recercar 8, 12 & 15
- ANONYMOUS: Surge, Recerchar de Benedictus, La tromba sona, Tente alora

Recorded: 2011

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