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Very Best of Gilbert & Sullivan Vintage


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Label: Alto

Cat No: ALC1088

Barcode: 5055354410888

Format: CD

Number of Discs: 1

Genre: Opera

Release Date: 9th August 2010



A new collection of the 30 most popular songs from Gilbert & Sullivan's 7 best Operettas, all on one CD!

H.M.S. Pinafore (Rec.1949)
1. I'm Called Little Buttercup
- Ella Halman
2. I Am The Captain Of The Pinafore
- Leslie Rands
3. When I Was A Lad
- Martyn Green
4. Never Mind The Why And Wherefore
– Muriel Harding, Martyn Green, Leslie Rands
5. He Is An Englishman
– Richard Walker

Iolanthe (Rec.1951)
6. When All Night Long
– Fisher Morgan
7. Nightmare Song
– Martyn Green
8. If You Go In
– Leonard Osborn, Martyn Green, Eric Thornton

The Mikado (Rec.1950)
9. A Wandering Minstrel, I
- Leonard Osborn and Chorus
10. I’ve Got A Little List
- Martyn Green
11. Three Little Maids From School
- M Mitchell, Joan Gillingham Joyce Wright
12. The Sun Whose Rays
- Margaret Mitchell
13. Here's A How-De-Do
- Margaret Mitchell, Leonard Osborn and Martyn Green
14. The Flowers That Bloom In The Spring
- M Mitchell, J Gillingham, L Osborn, M Green and Richard Watson
15. Tit Willow
- Martyn Green

Ruddigore (Rec.1950)
16. When The Night Wind Howls
– Darrell Fancourt  
17. My Eyes Are Fully Open
– Ann Drummond-Grant, Martyn Green, Richard Watson

The Gondoliers (Rec.1950)
18. We're Called Gondolieri
- Leonard Osborn and Alan Styler
19. In Enterprise Of Martial Kind
- Martyn Green, Margaret Mitchell, Ella Halman and Henry Goodier
20. When A Merry Maiden Marries
- Yvonne Dean
21. Take A Pair Of Sparkling Eyes
- Leonard Osborn
22. In A Contemplative Fashion  
- M Harding, Y Dean, L Osborn and A Styler

The Pirates Of Penzance (Rec.1949)
23. Poor Wand'ring One
- Muriel Harding
24. I Am The Very Model Of A Modem Major General
- Martyn Green
25. When The Foeman Bears His Steel
- R Watson, M Harding, J Gillingham and M Green
26. A Policeman's Lot
- Richard Watson
27. With Catlike Tread
- Donald Harris

The Yeomen Of The Guard (Rec.1950)
28. When Our Gallant Norman Foes
- Ella Halman
29. I Have A Song To Sing, O
– Muriel Harding, Martyn Green
30. Hereupon We're Both Agreed
- Martyn Green and Richard Watson

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