Malawski & Palester - A Vestige Preserved | Dux DUX1908

Malawski & Palester - A Vestige Preserved


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Label: Dux

Cat No: DUX1908

Barcode: 5902547019086

Format: CD

Number of Discs: 1

Genre: Soundtrack

Release Date: 27th October 2023



Gorzow Philharmonic Orchestra


Marta Kluczynska


Malawski, Artur

Robinson warszawski (Robinson of Warsaw)

Palester, Roman

Unvanquished City


Gorzow Philharmonic Orchestra


Marta Kluczynska


Ślad ocalony (A Vestige Preserved) is a unique CD featuring film music. Two suites written for the same film by two outstanding Polish composers. In the background, the complicated fate of the film Robinson warszawski, which underwent multiple modifications due to political decisions and was eventually released under a changed title.

The recording is the first ever public presentation of the music written by Artur Malawski for the original, lost version of the film from 1949. The sheet music found after many years is probably the only trace left of it.

It is interesting to compare the boldly orchestrated late-Romantic symphonic score by Roman Palester with the earlier version composed by Malawski - simpler in terms of means of expression, more contemporary.

With their brilliant interpretation, the Gorzow Philharmonic Orchestra introduces the audience to both suites; in the booklet attached to the album, the listener will find a comprehensive description of the co-operation of both composers with the filmmakers.

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